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Sexuality Blessed


Beneath the tidy proper manners

Hello how are you?

May I fuck you?

Lies urgently hidden away

A secret that sits just under the pants

I want you, you want me

But we search vainly on a cloud covered day

For the sun of sexuality


Our one self our one self-contained enclosure

Be it cunt or be it cock

When interlocked

Form a brand new universe

For us

And yet and yet…..

For so many this is not the case

We equate all this with the sharpest pain and most righteous anger

Sexuality cursed and viewed with disdain

Fuck and fucked and cunt and dick become obscene

Weapons of choice in our gender war

Let us be tender

to our wounded genitals

Ask for the best

Sexuality Blessed

Because this is the door

This is the quest

His penis hanging out


There he is again

with his penis hanging out

He doesn’t seem happy

His penis looks sad

His libido left a long time ago, he said

And left no return address

But still it hangs out

If it had a voice I could probably hear it whisper

I’m still here, I’m still here

I’m not dead yet

Little Penis Poem


I am loved and I am hated

As much pleasure as I give

Many are ashamed that I exist

Hidden away in metaphors and silly jokes

When I should be displayed proudly on my own stamp

I am just a little tube

No need to get upset

I help bring life into this heartless world

and I must say I sometimes bring pain

I drive some people insane

one little penis poem

won’t solve these things

But it can help


An Indecent Proposal


You know what I think? I think we should just get over it! Over what you say? Sex. I am so sick of it! Sex alla time ever day! I doe know. Sorry about the accent, but for some reason that just popped out of me. But sex. Why don’t we just get it out of our system. Then we can attend to the really important matters, like which combination of breakfast cereals do I want to eat this morning. So allow me to make a proposal.

Let’s all go bottomless. What do you think? I mean naked is a bit impractical, and topless is too in-your-face, you cannot avoid it. But bottomless is quite the deal. You can ignore it if you just remember not to look down. Seriously though, who is going to do that? We will be checking each other out. It’s only natural. Our curiosity would be satisfied for the most part. Men could still wonder about those breasts. And women have been short changed for too many years, now they would get the full package. Sounds fair to me. Unsanitary? Not really. The people that go on about that old canard are just afraid of sex. They think it is yucky. Ew! get that away from me! Bodily fluids are good for you. Animals understand this. Why can’t we?

I mean in this age of tattoos and body adornment, don’t you think it is a shame to cover our wonderful works of art? Show it off! Oh, nice vagina bracelet you have there! Oh thank you, and your cock ring is awesome! It’s an ice breaker!, a conversation starter. Given the overwhelming preponderance of porn on the internet today, nobody is going to be shocked by this. I mean, let’s be honest. When newscasters joke that they aren’t wearing pants, they really won’t be wearing pants! Won’t this make the delivery of news a lot more interesting?

I like my idea. And I think you do too. You may not admit it publicly, but inside you’re saying, “I’d vote for that!” So let’s do it!

Hold on! Hold on! I can hear some of you saying, you realize, of course, that all of the people we would never ever in a million years want to see bottomless, would go bottomless. Have you ever been to a nude beach? Who do you see there? One hint. You don’t see Jessica Alba. You see all the people you would rather not see naked. So how is this any different?

Excellent point! And if we follow through with this proposal I will be able to see your point even better! I recognize that there will have to be sacrifices. You can’t restrict the bottomlessness to certain people that happen to turn you on. It has to be available to everyone. But think about it! The thrill of seeing those few just might be worth the aggravation of all the rest. Besides, think of the boost to self-esteem. You’re walking along feeling a bit glum and somebody says, “that is an awesome penis you’ve got there!” It brightens up your whole day! I think I have made a good case for it, but naturally (get it? naturally!) I welcome your comments, Just put them down below. (I know how much you like to put things down below, if you get my drift) And remember! It’s all in good fun!

The Penis


I think the penis is a much maligned organ. And unfairly. Poor guy. Rapists and child molesters have given the penis a bad reputation. But their penises didn’t commit those crimes, their brains did, or their minds, whatever… you get the point. The penis is innocent. It has a couple of things it is supposed to do. He does the first thing pretty darn well. I’m sure a lot of women would love to have a penis just for the convenience. The vagina? poor design! I’m sorry, but it’s true. At least when you’re talking about this urinary function. It isn’t the penis fault that guys pee in doorways, showers, and sinks. It’s the dolt using the penis that’s at fault. If a drunk drives a Mercedes into a ditch, do you blame the exquisitely designed automobile? I think not!

Penises are not ugly. Well…..they can be, but mine isn’t. I don’t know about other guys (almost typed gays, gotta watch those typos on a story like this!). I don’t want to know, ok? Other guys penises are….let’s just move on, all right? We have all these cultural biases and you know that men are responsible for most of them. We really ought to celebrate our genitals. Don’t you think? I don’t mean pornography, because that just perpetuates the nonsense. At least, the way most of it is done. I realize that by saying this, I have lost virtually all of the male readers. If I’m talking about some touchy-feely new age approach to the penis, they want nothing to do with it. As far as they are concerned, touchy-feely and penis don’t belong in the same sentence. And that’s fine. Really. I don’t want my penis to be on speaking terms with other penises. As you can see, although I started this post thinking I would set the record straight on the penis. You got that? Straight. I want to make it straight! Just in case some readers may have other ideas. Boy am I hung up? Hey! there’s a slogan! Better hung than hung up? Huh? Somebody call Larry Flynt. It is so tempting to say that this post is just more of Newt Gingrich’s hack into my blog (see newt5087 the previous post), but no this is my attempt to say something worthwhile about the penis. So get on with it then!!

Ok I admit I’m dithering. Let me get to the point, I feel we should feel good about our bodies. We should not treat our genitalia badly. After all, if it weren’t for the penis and the vagina, where would we be? But people get silly, stupid, weird, and uncomfortably silent when it comes to the penis. (and the vagina, but that’s another post, I’m having a hard enough time with the penis. That is such an opportunity for a joke, but I’ll let it pass). I think we need to come to terms with our penis neurosis. I think if we could just reach a point where a penis is as ordinary as a handshake, that would be a good start. Which gives me an idea, nah! too unsanitary! It would never catch on, not even in the Castro. There have been plenty of guys walking around with their junk there for all to see. It doesn’t seem to help improve our attitudes. People still regard the penis as a personal insult. I mean, the slang, junk? that tells you how much the penis is valued. I bet a lot of guys are embarrassed when it comes to their package. (much better slang) Women don’t make things any easier. There isn’t a woman that I know of that likes the penis, oh, they may like some things about it, but not as an object of contemplation. (How do I come up with these things?) And that’s what men need. They need a woman, well…not just any woman, not their mother or sister, or…you know what I mean, a woman they are attracted to, she needs to be beautiful, smart, have a lot of money, doesn’t talk too much,,,,but I am getting way off track here, aren’t I? If she could just say something nice about it. It has to be sincere, and “It’s nice.” doesn’t cut it. Nobody wants a ‘nice’ penis.

You know what? I think the penis is a problem I am not going to solve. Maybe I just don’t have the….Oh! that reminds me! Balls! Everybody likes balls! He’s got balls! It’s a good thing! Women want to have them. But actually, isn’t that more of a conceptual thing? I mean, when you consider the actual set of testicles in question, it’s a different story isn’t it? Testicles are so weird and perplexing to me that I would really need to write about them another time. And the penis, I sold you short little guy. Wait! I meant to say big guy, and I sold you long! What? Never mind. You see how it is. It is impossible to write about these things. I have failed. If my penis could withdraw inside my body in shame, it would. I let it down. I was going to fight for it’s right to party! But it got all weird, and I couldn’t get my facts straight. Sorry, penis. Maybe next time.

Sorry folks, no pictures, you know how it is!