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a dark dank ancient portal much maligned


a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

draws me near

i approach with some trepidation

for this is both sacred and profane

this opening into the unspoken words

the unwritten unacknowledged truth

woman lies upon the earth askew

arms akimbo and legs raised high

ready to receive the sacrament

and given centuries of abuse

until she lies here broken and ruined

her temple crumbling

her thoughts seem distant and confused

a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

must be redeemed

we must set forth into this blood stained sea

and restore it’s dignity and purity

for this is our source

this is our home

We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)


It is clear to me that we are lost

We are mesmerized by events within a false world of our own making

When this fact is fully grasped it can lead to insanity and horror

But if you can allow yourself to trust your true self (without really knowing or understanding the nature of that self)

You can retain your sanity and find your bearings

We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)

We are more powerful than we can possibly know

This is (of course) both good and bad news

I believe that consciousness is a miracle

I believe we were intended to be like robots

And we took a step outside our programming

When that wasn’t supposed to be possible

We metaprogrammed our programming to a remarkable extent

But there is much more work to be done

We are still like robots in too many ways

The nature of things, reality itself is elastic

We can set the course of the entire universe

If we so wish

It is possible we have enemies in our midst

Hard to know if this is true or just a part of the plan

The plan devised by our creators

For it is abundantly clear that we are being deceived

misdirected and fucked over from day one

But it is wise to not jump to conclusions about who or what is responsible

We need to live in the questions

rather than the answers

If we wish to be free

Miracles can happen

We are the evidence

Today we need to stop playing the same old movie

Because we know how that one ends

And set a new course

It’s up to you and me

We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)

This is a sort of poem, sort of sermon, delivered from someplace that isn’t a place, and received in my weak little brain. I thought I should pass it on.

Additionally I am very proud of my Gimp creation here. This is a nice collage from various sources, featuring my muse, Stock Photo Woman. This wonderful collage may get used on the next installment of that series, I haven’t decided, but it works nicely here. So what do you say? Let’s have a miracle every day!!

My Father and I


A little time travel was required. That's me on the right, Dad on the left.

What would he have thought

I wonder.

At my face and his face

And the inevitable passage of time?

Would he warn me

Console me

Or just be happy to see me?

Happy to see that it all worked out

I’m just fine.

It all happens too quickly my father said

Not long after this meal we shared

You take a breath, thirty years have passed

And everything moves full circle

As the child becomes the father to the man

As my Father and I

Have breakfast together again

Emperor Putin


All hail Emperor Putin!

Vladimir Putin isn’t sure he wants to be President for eight more years, bless his little heart. After ignoring the wishes of the Russian people, he still expects to rule with impunity for as long as he likes. This is narcissism and arrogance rivaling Napoleon. I would hope that the protests continue apace, and grow in size until Putin is forced to seek exile on some remote island like Napoleon. All hail Emperor Putin! But not for long! I would like to see an end to the reign of the rich and arrogant, not only in Russia but in the United States as well. You have to have millions upon millions of dollars at your disposal to successfully run for President. Only the corporations can provide this. So far, grass roots organizations cannot compete, as the Ron Paul candidacy demonstrates. It’s sad, but true. I had hoped that Kasparov would be able to have an impact in Russia, but he didn’t even bother to run for President. He knew the cards were stacked against anyone opposing Putin. I believe the tide is turning for people such as Putin, but it may prove to be a bloody tide!

San FranHoms


What if fighting broke out here in San Francisco?

We have been watching the horrible assault within Homs, Syria each day on the news. It occurred to me that I could use my Gimp skills to bring home what it must be like in Homs, by combining photos of Homs with photos of San Francisco, my home. I would say Enjoy! but that is not the intention. This should serve as a somber reminder that we may find ourselves under assault from an authoritarian government in future decades. The fight in Homs is a fight for us all, because the corruption of the rich and powerful is what enables these assaults to continue. It’s happening in Homs, but it could happen anywhere.

Divisadero St. is under attack!!

What would it mean to have to dodge mortar shells on your way to work? How would you feel if you encountered a building ablaze on normally peaceful Divisadero St.? We lead such a relatively peaceful existence. Certainly there is gang violence, and chronic homelessness, but nothing like what is endured in Syria. Although these collages may be a tiny bit off technically, I feel they serve their purpose in stirring the imaginations of San Franciscans. Below, we see the tanks have made their way into the tenderloin to clear out last traces of resistance, ironically beneath the Obey! logo on the wall! Think about it! Could it happen here?

The tanks clear out a pocket of resistance in the SF tenderloin!

The Fool


A collage using Gimp. At some point I will create more tarot cards and have my own deck.

I stand on a threshold,  mocking my fate.

  what me worry?

   Butt naked and freezing greeting the dawn

   what me worry?

   The wild blue yonder is my home

    what me worry?

    Misfortune may gather, black cat at my feet

    what me worry?

    My muse seems to beckon from so far away

    what me worry?

     What fears must I conquer? What monsters must I fight?

      what me worry?

     Although I may falter, although I may fall

      what me worry?

      I stand at ground zero with nothing at all

      what me worry?




I hacked onto this blog. It wasn’t hard. No firewalls, no security, it was pathetically easy! Russell Miller should consider himself lucky. I could have been some Nigerian terrorist, But I may not have long, so to the point. I have been getting a lot of flack lately, especially from that left-wing bastard Jon Stewart, about my plan to establish a moon base by the end of my second term. I think it is a groovy idea! Just think of the possibilities! My friend, Donald Trump, likes it too. He’d build there! Wouldn’t you like to live on the moon? Tax free!! Then, vote for me, you idiot! Nobody else is going to have this kind of genius. I mean, let’s face it, I am smarter than you. So when I say vote for me, you should take my advice. You elect me, and we will see who has the last laugh.

I have dreamed of a lunar city since I was a kid. I remember this pulp science fiction magazine I had, and the cool looking picture on the cover. Lunar City! I wanted to live there when I grew up! All you need is a dome! That’s not so hard! How do you like my little Photoshop collage? I am so happy to be on that cover! Actually, I confess, I used Gimp. It’s free and I’m cheap ok? It’s not like I want to do stuff like this all the time, I have a campaign you know? But it is pretty cool. Did you notice how I…Ok Ok I’ll move on!!! Did you know that I am also a writer? Well I am!! I wrote a little pulp novel called City On The Moon, and that’s me on the cover, along with my wife at the time. I didn’t bother to give her a helmet. Let her die a sudden death, I say. Just kidding!! Jeez! I’d never do that to my wife. I’m just having a little fun. What was that? ….You don’t think I really wrote that book? It looks phony to you? So prove it, if you are such an expert. Picky picky picky. You remind me of that little miss prissy Mitt Romney. I’m just having some fun, alright? This Gimp is kinda fun, I think I’ll do some stuff with me in the oval office, you know, maybe a scene when me and Vladimir Putin standing in the Volga, holding up our fish. Of course, mine is bigger! When I become Presi

Ok!! This is Russell Miller. I don’t know for sure how Newt Gingrich managed to hack into this blog. I should never have opened that attachment (but I could have a fourteen inch penis? I had to check it out). It turned out to be a bunch of crap, but that was probably how Gingrich pulled it off. Sneaky bastard. Frankly, I use Gimp too, and I think I could have done a better job! But I’ll leave his stuff here so you can check it all out. It is pretty funny. Pathetic, but pretty funny.

me outside my lunar city!

My book. Gee, my wife looks like she's having trouble breathing. tee hee