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Sexuality Blessed


Beneath the tidy proper manners

Hello how are you?

May I fuck you?

Lies urgently hidden away

A secret that sits just under the pants

I want you, you want me

But we search vainly on a cloud covered day

For the sun of sexuality


Our one self our one self-contained enclosure

Be it cunt or be it cock

When interlocked

Form a brand new universe

For us

And yet and yet…..

For so many this is not the case

We equate all this with the sharpest pain and most righteous anger

Sexuality cursed and viewed with disdain

Fuck and fucked and cunt and dick become obscene

Weapons of choice in our gender war

Let us be tender

to our wounded genitals

Ask for the best

Sexuality Blessed

Because this is the door

This is the quest

Just how it feels tonight


August 23, 2012

I am still sitting here doing the same

But it’s different

My words are difficult to frame

Events far larger than I are moving with such a force

I and you and the girl next door

Can’t help getting carried away

On one side lies a darkness so deep

It eats away at my courage

and adds fuel to my fears

On the other side lies a woman

shining with her own light

serene and secure in her beauty

she points to a world so new

we cannot imagine it

and smiles

This captures it

That’s just how it feels tonight

to be on the verge of my death

or the cusp of my rebirth

This very moment

this very time

feels so delicate

liable to crack apart at any moment

but nevertheless leading to something so good

no words can ever suffice

that’s just how it feels tonight

i guess this ain’t no playground anymore


the rain came down in torrents

on Easter Sunday

drowning the little babies swaddled in shiny pink hay

the baby ducks survived for they could swim you see

but the babies

oh my oh me

i guess this ain’t no playground anymore

the jungle gym is stained with blood

because the cub scout was dressed in a suicide vest

oh my what a mess

cross my heart and hope i’m blessed

’cause the milk has soured and my cupcakes are filled with tacks

some kids can’t walk, some can’t talk, some can’t see, some can’t pee

i guess this ain’t no playground anymore

not today

Easter Sunday

with this rain and all

oh my oh hell

oh bloody bloody hell




It’s noon

I can hear the whistle blowing

An echo of a former time

So much to do this afternoon

and I am looking forward to every minute

Wide awake and taking care of business

Is my feeling at noon

The sun is bright, the traffic is heavy

Everybody’s out and about

In the hustle and bustle of a beautiful city

I’m getting myself together today

I can hear the whistle blowing

It’s noon

…here there be dragons


Under the covers

Lies my secret self

…here there be dragons

All that is left unsaid


filed away somewhere

….here there be dragons

Those sudden thoughts which flare

and die away

….here there be dragons

I thought I heard someone call out my name

No one there

…..here there be dragons

The sadness I feel on the sunniest of days

I shiver when I think of how near

…..here there be dragons

I’m half-dead already


I’m half-dead already

You can kick me in the ditch

I’m half-dead already

I can already smell the stinch

I can watch myself decompose

It is so very very cold

I’m half-dead already

You only need to wait

I really don’t know why I’m still hanging around

I’m half-dead already

I’m half way into the ground