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so so sorry make believe


you are so so sorry make believe

it will make a difference in the weather

but don’t you see

the wind don’t care

you are so so sorry you say again

please don’t leave me out here in the rain

hanging from a limb

so so sorry make believe

never again never again

please stop your pointing

put that camera away

I cannot bear all this responsibility

so so sorry can’t you see?

I’m sorry!

now everything everywhere everybody has got to be ok



Karma is a dung beetle which collects

all the dung that accumulates over the course of a life

rolling it into a ball

and dropping it into the solar furnace

of divine forgetfulness

Karma picks and pecks and leaves you sore

never leaving you in peace

until all your guilty pleasures are released into the fire

Karma hangs like a weight

above your head and shoulders

ready to crush your cocky brilliance

unexpectedly one day one moment

as you are sitting down to eat

Karma is the dung that gathers from all our efforts

shadow traces left in crevices

but eventually brought to light

Karma is the inevitable activation of our own device

keeping track of every thought and movement

within each wild and crazy night

Accountability is never celebrated

by those held to account

Other people’s karma however

is often talked about

and shared with a shameful delight