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My Problem With So-Called Christians


I have a problem with many so-called Christians in this country. First of all, they aren’t Christians. They are filled with a false self-righteousness, based on a holier than thou attitude. They are eager to force their point of view on everyone. They want prayer in the schools, because everyone should be ‘Christian’. Our founding fathers knew the dangers of theocracy and made a point of keeping religion and the state separate. What we have with Rick Santorum and many others like him, is an attempt to establish a theocracy. A theocracy is a nation in which the state religion and the government are intertwined. Political decisions are based upon a religious agenda. The religious values of the state religion are imposed upon everyone. Those who oppose the state religion are persecuted, passed over for jobs, passed over in educational opportunities. Historically, the ultimate consequences are herding the heretics into their own ghettos and being subjected to inquisitions. It is insane.

Rick Santorum talks about a gay agenda, but I will tell you what the gay agenda is. It favors freedom to express oneself without fear of reprisal. It is the belief that one’s sexual orientation is their own business, and no one else’s. It is about telling the truth, instead of perpetuating a phony set of values. It is not about imposing the gay point of view upon everyone else. (actually I would argue that there isn’t necessarily a gay point of view, they disagree among each other as much as anyone). I am not gay (why do I feel I need to point that out? Is it because I want to be accepted by the bigots who read this blog?). But I support the values held by most gays far more than I support the values of hypocritical, self-satisfied, so-called Christians.

Real Christianity is about acceptance, tolerance, and love. It is not about relentless judgement and discrimination. It is about genuine love. It is certainly not about a political agenda of imposing your values on others. Relentless judgement is what is key here. That is what I encountered from a very young age. If you looked a certain way, or said certain things you were called ‘queer’ or ‘gay’. Even just a few years ago, in Las Vegas, some bonehead yelled ‘hey faggot’ out the window to me as I was walking down the sidewalk. Was there something about the way I walked that prompted that response? Or was there a way that I looked? Who knows, and who cares. Even those ‘Christians’ who condemn this sort of thing, still make those kinds of judgements, although they are unspoken. There is a deep undercurrent of hatred towards blacks, hispanics, jews, arabs, gays, the list goes on and on. And this hatred is held by church going sanctimonious people who pride themselves on being good Christians. They are not.

I still find traces of this stuff inside my  own mind, and have to remind myself that this is a residue of crap that I learned when I was a kid. We need to work hard at changing our attitudes and electing someone like Rick Santorum is a serious step backward. I don’t think he has a real chance of winning. In fact, I suspect Mitt Romney will win the nomination, but I could be wrong. The fundamentalist evangelical Christian right feels unrepresented and they are angry that the country is becoming multicultural. From their perspective the country is too liberal. They want to see some good old family values once again. This always gets a big response. Everyone supports family values. But what does that mean exactly? I grew up in a family that was very supportive of family values. It was a household in which you could not question the Bible, and you were expected to get good grades, go to college, get a good job, get married, raise a family etc. You were placed on a treadmill from the very beginning. No one questioned anything. It was largely devoid of love, and genuine respect. It consisted of following a program handed down generation after generation. It was robotic and meaningless. It makes me sick to think about it. But I don’t blame my parents because they had been just as victimized as myself when they were young. They were only doing what they were told was right, and didn’t give it a second thought.

That is what my blog is all about, telling the truth. Of course there was love in my childhood and afterward, and I was able to bludgeon my way into expressing an objection to the prevailing agenda. I exaggerated in the previous paragraph to an extent, to make a point. My intention is to wake people up to what is really going on. Are our lives authentic? Or are we following some mindless agenda which was foisted upon us? This is the problem I have with so-called Christianity. Christianity, in my view, was hijacked long ago. It was made to serve a political and social purpose, a means of controlling the masses. This is particularly true of Catholicism. You are not to question, only obey. Within this framework, our lives are not our own. However, I don’t believe the original message of Jesus Christ was extinguished. It is usually found where it was originally found, among the persecuted minorities.

I cannot even begin to express how much pain I feel inside when I consider the way in which my spirit was crushed when I was young. There was a ruthless, brutal lack of acceptance for anything that wasn’t part of the accepted culture. I despise that culture. I fear that the United States is in danger of entering into a very ugly phase, typified by a lack of tolerance. Fascism thrives in this kind of atmosphere. People like myself may be persecuted, herded away, and eventually killed. It is not that far fetched.

Some thoughtful observations of so-called Christians

I have been reading a ‘new’ history of the Third Reich by Michael Burleigh. In that book I could see how very ordinary, seemingly decent people could be persuaded to do the most horrendous things in the name of a false ideal. If the followers of the more extreme forms of ‘Christianity’ felt it was God’s Will, they would also be capable of doing horrendous things. For me, Rick Santorum represents a kind of American ‘Christian’ Taliban. It smacks of the same kind of intolerance.


The Problem with Obama


I killed Osama ben Ladin! Is this the best he can offer us!

He doesn’t excite me like he did in 2008. He isn’t getting a handle on the economy, and he blames the Republicans. That is lame. Does he expect us to believe that the only way anything can get done is for the Democrats to have a huge majority in both houses of Congress? Other President’s found a way to push legislation through in spite of having to compromise. Obama deferred to Pelosi and Reid instead of taking charge. He strikes me as someone who is more concerned about being liked than being effective. He seems out of touch.

So it may surprise you to learn that I plan to vote for him. It is simply because the alternative is far worse. The Republicans have really gone off the deep end. The degree to which they are out of touch is truly scary.  It frightens me that about a third of the country have really crazy ideas! These nut cases need to be educated. Those of us that know better need to stop tolerating this nonsense and be vigilant in our defense of the truth! How could it happen that Rick Santorum would field a question about Barack Obama in which the questioner said Obama was a Muslim, and Santorum doesn’t correct him? Does Rick Santorum believe Obama is a Muslim? Or was he just afraid he would lose a supporter if he corrected? This is bullshit. These people should be no where near the levers of power. This is where fascists find support, the ‘Big Lie’ plays really well among these people.

But Barack Obama is hardly our fearless leader. I don’t think he particularly cares whether he is reelected or not. He doesn’t seem engaged in his re-election campaign. He goes through the motions, saying the same tired crap he’s been saying for too damn long. While I might agree with a lot of it, it doesn’t inspire me at all! He is boring!! Given what is taking place across our country, he should be fired up, taking on the Republicans with gusto! I don’t think Barack Obama is a true Democrat, at least not in the way I remember Democrats being. He may talk about taxing the rich, but he is a part of the country club crowd himself! He has no real understanding of what the poor people in America are going through. The poor are forgotten, except by a noisy Occupy movement, which is losing support, and the inconsequential left wing. What has happened to liberals? Have they all been shipped off to concentration camps when we weren’t looking?

So, while I support Barack Obama, it is a lukewarm, unenthusiastic support. Clearly, Romney or Gingrich would be worse. Ron Paul would not make a good President. He is an ideologue. He wouldn’t be able to get a single thing done. He would rant and rave, and nobody would pay much mind, because he wouldn’t exercise any true power. The bureaucratic military/industrial complex would not allow it. If he got too feisty, he might even get himself killed. So he isn’t a good idea. At least, Obama will do some things to help us poor folks out. It might not amount to much, but it would be something at least, until we can build up enough support to really mount a true revolution. Then we can begin to have some real leadership for a change, that doesn’t just serve the interests of the super rich. Barack Obama seemed so promising when he took office, it is such a shame that he has turned out to be such a disappointment.

It’s a New Year?


Tomorrow, when I get up it won’t feel any different. I will still be feeling aches and pains, and I will still fix the same breakfast, and listen to iTunes. However, meanwhile the world turns. Some maniac is torching cars down in Hollywood. I don’t think it was inspired by the Doors’ “Light My Fire”, because he or she was targeting cars, not buildings. I guess they just want to start the new year off with plenty of drama. There might be a bit of “the rich bastards deserve to have their BMW torched” kind of thing. Or the Devil may be whispering in somebody’s ear again. I included in my novel, an actual weird event in San Francisco that happened in 2007, where some Iraqi immigrant claimed the Devil instructed him to run over as many people as he could with his SUV. So he tried. He injured a lot of pedestrians before he crashed into a pole. Stressful times bring out the wackos. I am oddly optimistic, even though I just got through tweeting Happy??? New Year?? I am so fickle, up then I’m down? I don’t get it. What’s the deal? But I feel like I may get an opportunity to put my true talents to work, instead of just putting in time, down at the mill. here comes a rotten bill, too much monkey business for me to get involved in. (Thank you, Chuck Berry!) Hopefully I can do a bit of writing for hire, how about “Let’s Give Mitt Romney a Break?”, how’s that for a slogan, or “Oh, Come On! Mitt’s a Nice Guy!” or “Mitt Romney: Not So Bad” or “Mitt Romney: Could Do Worse” You get the picture. maybe “Mitt Romney: Lame but Likeable” That’s the best one. He is unbelievably lame. If he wins the nomination, Republicans will be asking themselves, how did this happen??? And for sure everyone will be asking that if he wins the election. It is a mystery how he got where he is now, it would take a quantum physicist to figure it out. “We were doing this experiment and out stepped Mitt Romney!, straight out of the quantum foam, the damnedest thing!”

And then there is the methane beneath the permafrost, in Siberia. There is enough there, that if it ignited, we would probably all suffocate. Nice!!! Let’s all die with a whimper. You see the problem is that the permafrost is melting, which is allowing the methane to accumulate, building up pressure. If we can cool the permafrost back down, well, a Russian scientist is doing just that, finding ways to restore the frigid temperatures. But can he do enough, quickly enough?? I don’t need any more doomsday scenarios. 2012, are you scared? The Maya calendar says an epoch is ending next year, a very long epoch, but that’s it, no mention actually of an apocalypse, just that one long count ends, and another begins. So we should just have a really really rockin’ new long count bitchin’ eve!!!! Won’t come around for another 25,000 years, Lady Gaga can’t live that long. OR CAN SHE

However, we are approaching a tipping point, I believe. Isn’t it obvious? People are rising up all over the fucking place (There! finally a place to say ‘fucking’, I’ve got a reputation to uphold). I feel the internet has everything to do with that. No longer can information be kept out, eventually it gets out, which means transparency is inevitable. Governments are going to have to adjust to this new reality, and I don’t think they have a game plan. The downside to that of course, is that the stuff you really, really don’t want to come out, like how to create a deadly virus for which we have no defense, could come out. In that instance, I want that information stuck in a capsule and shot into the outer reaches of the Solar System. I am in favor of greater freedom, and generally agree with Libertarianism, but Libertarianism tempered with common sense. I don’t really want a Wild West scenario for the entire world. I don’t want to have to strap on my six gun to go to the market. And I am not crazy about tents. I prefer a comfortable revolution. I think Vaclav Havel had the right idea with his Velvet Revolution, in which nobody got hurt. It is so easy to get all excited when you see people rising up and defying dictators, from the comfort of your couch. (I actually don’t have a couch, but this is a metaphorical couch, ok?) But if this sort of thing were happening here?, you know, where the police start opening fire, and the military steps in. Would you have the guts to face up to that, knowing you could very easily die? I wonder about that, and yet I see homeless people every day, that I think might be willing to put their bodies on the line. What do they have to lose?

So, as I’m sure you could guess, I would prefer to see Barack Obama get re-elected, although I have my beefs about him. I think his foreign policy stinks. And he is far too interested in kissing Republican ass. Fight those assholes!! They have no interest in compromise, they just want to nail your ass, so fight them, you big dummy! (as Fred Sanford would have said, remember Sanford and Son?)

Oil well, nuff said

now I’ll check Facebook and Twitter for the billioneth time and probably go to bed before midnight,

Happy New Year!

Here’s a great song I discovered as I listened to iTunes today, “Why Can’t I Touch It?” by the Buzzcocks

New Job Nu Shooz New Outlook on LIfe


Well, it finally happened! I got a job! Not a temporary job, a job that should last as long as I can manage to keep it. I am working for a newspaper, magazine shop, being trained to be Assistant Manager so the owner can take the time to be with his family, and not have to be at the shop all the time. I am eager to learn all that I can, and to do a good job.
This proves that even in a dreadful economy, it is possible to land a job. I was getting plenty worried as I watched my money disappear.
This turn of events has given me a new outlook in general. I tend to look at life as opportunity instead of survival. I also got some new shoes the other day, or as any respectable (or disrespectable) skate boarder would say, nu shooz. And, inevitably, I have suffered the usual sores on my heels which come with breaking in new shoes. It serves as a metaphor for life I think. Even though I now have a new job and can lose the stress of not having a job, I now have to go through the breaking in process of having to get up early each day and being dog tired after work. There is the stress of not knowing if the job will work out. But the big difference, of course, is that this is stress of my own choosing, not the grinding lack of choice found in unemployment, having to accept your fate. Now I have a chance to guide my fate to an extent.
How can my success be an inspiration for those of you who still hunt endlessly for a job? Well, first of all, I went ahead and sent a resume to this place even though I wasn’t the ideal candidate. I lacked the experience he clearly would have preferred. But I didn’t know that he was having a difficult time finding anyone who could fit his needs, and therefore was willing to consider me in spite of my lack of the exact experience he needed. Also he commented that I was a no bullshit kind of person, very straight-forward which he appreciated. He liked me.
These are qualities that served me well in this instance, but in others I suspect it has cost me jobs, in that I refuse to play the transparent games you are taught to play in interviews, which often don’t work because they come across as insincere and rehearsed. Nevertheless, some interviews who come from a corporate culture, resent not hearing these sales pitches they have been accustomed to. They probably have hired people on how well they performed in their interview, “selling” them in the way corporate culture has trained us in “selling” ourselves. Such approaches don’t come naturally for me. I just try to be sincere and give a good impression without going out of my way to try to impress. I do try to focus on the needs of my prospective employer instead of my paltry needs. Everybody just needs to know: what can you do for me? Remember this is a business, not a charity.
I will try to post more on how this job progresses.
I had been so depressed over the economy. I suspect that Obama’s jobs plan won’t get through the House. The candidates running for the Republican nomination are more depressing than usual. I hate to think that Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann may become our next President. But if Obama can make it clear what a Republican victory could mean for all of us that aren’t rich, perhaps a Republican victory can be prevented.

Hello World


Hello World!!

I have executed a javascript function to write hello world on a web page. I have executed a .swf file using actionscript to write hello world. It is how everybody begins with a programming language, the initial exercise. So here I am rebooting, starting anew with Hello World.

I had a nice break from my endless unemployment in August. I worked for a university bookstore, helping students locate and purchase, or rent, their textbooks. I enjoyed working again, and enjoyed helping the students. I enjoyed my apron, my nametag, and my co-workers, but I was not kept on permanently, and so, now I am unemployed once again. I am running out of money rapidly, and may be unable to pay rent or bills in October. But, I am firing out those resumes, and I have a phone interview scheduled for this Thursday morning, so I may yet have a miracle.

I am taking a class as well, on Javascript, and was taking another class on Actionscript until I found the instructor to be insufferable and arrogant, and decided I didn’t want to put myself through that kind of torture once again. I had dropped the class last semester as well. I had hated the fact that I hadn’t finished that class and was determined to see it through this time. But the frustration of being without work again and the frustration of dealing with that instructor once again just caused me to implode and drop the class again. I wish I hadn’t, but there you are. Maybe it is for the best. I also regret posting in an online forum and in an email, some unkind comments to the aforementioned instructor. But I suspect he will live, although he probably will never allow me to take his class again. for which I wouldn’t blame him.

Taking classes was my way of feeling constructive and positive during a time of considerable stress. Even though I wasn’t producing results in the job arena, I could still produce results in my classes. But, the stresses build up out of your conscious view. You can be cruising along seemingly happy, considering the circumstances, and then, as soon as something doesn’t go right you impulsively react in anger and frustration. A friend of mine rarely checks her email, and I knew this. Nevertheless, when a week had gone by after I had sent what I had considered a very lovely email, to her, I assumed she was pushing me away. She didn’t want to hear from me. So I reacted foolishly, not unlike my sudden anger at the teacher, and sent an overly dramatic email. She just replied “Hey don’t be paranoid”. If only the teacher had had the insight of how to defuse an angry email. Of course she was a friend, and knew me far better than the teacher. Also the teacher was far too aware of his special status as the course instructor to ever allow himself to communicate with a student in a direct, unofficial, casual, manner. The more full of himself he became, the more I disliked him. A vicious cycle, which simply a lightening up on his part or mine could have defused and I would likely still be in his class. But enough about that. Anger and dislike poisons your heart and mind and upsets the stomach as well. It has been hard to let go of my ongoing anger even though the episode is over.

All of this is attributable to not having a job, and the money is running out. All of it.

Poverty breeds angry, helpless people, angry, helpless, desperate people, who can become reckless in their frustration. A friend suggested I find ways to relax. I replied that I would find plenty of time to relax when I am living under a bridge.

And it certainly doesn’t help to watch the news. Mother Nature is giving us a pounding! Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, you name it! And we have one of the weakest governments in recent memory, both Congress and the President are lame. Unbelievably lame. They are even worse than the lame instructor whose class I dropped. But one thing is clear.


They should do this willingly before they are forced to give up even more. Because the poor and the middle class becoming poor, are not going to lie down and die. They aren’t going to vote for Rick Perry or the Tea Party boneheads either, not when they realize that the Republicans are the party of the rich and the super-rich.  While most people are upset with Pres. Obama, they are even more upset with the Congress and the Republicans.

If the rich people of this country would give up on being rich and just be satisfied with being comfortable, we could wipe out the debt and deficit, and focus on getting the unemployed back to work. It is the responsibility of the wealthy to prevent our economy from entering a double-dip recession which may just be a polite way of saying depression.

I hope my next blog entry will be brighter. Perhaps I will have a job by then.