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I Refuse


I refuse to be shackled

and abused

I refuse to set my course toward the blues

I am eternal and will always do it

all the way through

and I am absolutely not going to let anything

limit me, sicken me, hit me from below

this is my pledge

this is my being, my soul

i refuse to roll around in muck and mire

the clouds are my domain

I refuse to entertain the worst

and continue to weave

this quilt of sadness

i refuse to grieve

and court the dead

i refuse to be regular

and do the right thing

i am love and i am sin

i know where I am and where I’ve been

i know no fear

i’m not going to send a post card to the devil

saying wish you were here

i’ve seen a few things

i’ve stroked my penis

made some mistakes

but nothing too heinous

i refuse to be less than myself

for anyone’s pain or pleasure

and i refuse to end this thing

before i’m cotton pickin’ ready

The Fate of The Republic on this fourth of july


Here are some quick reflections on this fourth of July morning.

We are in trouble folks!!! When I read the paper (big mistake), I see the seeds of global decay, social disruption, and future despair dwarfing the present misery. Everyone who has plenty are merrily watching Big Bang Theory and working at their half-way decent job with a half-way decent wage and dreaming of their next vacation, while those who don’t have much continue to struggle. The options for the destitute are few and government is going to provide less and less. This is a recipe for riot and mayhem. When you examine history you can see where all of this leads. Our Republic is split, pretty much evenly, between the rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, the smug and the desperate. As happened in France in 1789, the poor and destitute will not sit idly by watching the rich cavort and flaunt their wealth in their faces. We have an obligation to bring this republic back into balance, but I fear that we have already passed from republic to oligarchy (rule by the rich). Only the rich, such as Mitt Romney, can afford to become President. The rich pull all the strings and continue to feel free to screw the rest of us over at their convenience. It is not a pretty picture. Our republic is in danger of collapse. It isn’t apparent yet, but give it a few years. Twenty years from now will either show that we got our collective act together or we will be actively fighting one another.

China is quietly waiting in the wings. China is preparing for the collapse of the West. They are teaching English to those who will become our future leaders. Could we suffer such a takeover? Quite possibly, we might invite the Chinese in. Chinese style Communism would have a strong appeal to those who have nothing, can expect nothing, and are tired of being the victims of an oligarchy. I am not a Communist or a Socialist, but I can understand the appeal. When you have nothing to eat, nowhere to live, Communism looks like the answer to your problems. We have far too many people on the streets.

Some radical changes are needed and I don’t see anybody stepping up to the plate. There are significant differences between Obama and Romney, but in the final analysis they miss the mark when it comes to having the guts to say that we have to stop being complacent and give up our creature comforts and life of privilege and take responsibility for this republic.

So I don’t feel terribly patriotic on this fourth of July. I don’t feel proud of how we celebrate celebrity, wealth, and treat all of the old liberal ideals with disdain. Our present culture is a culture of death. We are unconsciously embracing disaster, it gives us a sick thrill. We figure we have it coming, others are foolishly looking forward to the apocalypse, thinking they will be taken up into the clouds in a supernatural rapture. This is madness.

However, we have faced disaster before in our history, and we managed to avoid it. Perhaps we can again. There is reason to hope. There are many brilliant people out there. They are building a new paradigm, a new world which will take out the corrupt present paradigm by stealth. There is far too much going on in the world for anyone, myself included, to be able to keep track of. The newspapers have a disaster agenda, fear sells, and so they peddle dread. So I should take that fact into consideration. Much is happening behind the scenes, and the powerful may not be as powerful as they imagine. I sense big changes in the next few decades, both good and bad. I know that within each negative lies a positive and vice versa. It is up to us to provide the tipping point towards disaster or renewal.

My last thoughts? At some point in our own lives and in the life of the republic, something has got to give. Nothing just stays fucked forever. Things change.

Tragedy in Syria


Assad's army slaughtering Syrians in Homs

I think one issue we can all agree on is how tragic the situation in Syria has become. Hundreds of people are dying, being shot down daily by the armed forces of Syria. Because journalists are not allowed inside Syria we only get a sketchy view of what is going on. I watch grainy videos shot by protesters which are out there risking their lives to bring down a brutal regime. The sickening thing about it is that we in the West are partly to blame for this situation. The Syrians saw how NATO came to the aid of the Libyans in their fight to topple the Gaddafi regime and thought they might receive the same kind of help. They say otherwise, but I suspect that hope was there. It is true that we cannot be the world’s policeman, and step in whenever such things are happening. If for no other reason, we simply don’t have the resources. It is sickening to watch Assad butcher his citizens, and have to stand by, helpless to prevent it. I am touched by the incredible courage and sacrifice of the Syrian people. God forbid it should ever come to that here in the USA. But I have already ranted and raved about encroaching fascism here, and I don’t want to revisit that again just yet.

It is shameful that Russia and China vetoed any UN action to prevent the carnage from continuing. Russia is now making an effort on it’s own to broker some kind of peace, but I suspect it would be a peace on Assad’s terms. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the vetoes took place however. Almost  daily I read about the outrages taking place in Russia and China when it comes to human rights. They are autocratic regimes who don’t give a damn about individual human beings. Vladimir Putin doesn’t even bother to pretend that he is not an authoritarian figure. It is obvious and he struts about proudly displaying his authority. However the Russian people are taking to the streets, even in a record-breaking cold, to protest  this ridiculous charade. Unfortunately, is is unlikely that anything like what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya would ever happen in Russia and China. At least not any time soon. But I feel the United States and Europe should be actively working to aid the forces of democracy in Russia and China. Too often we are guided by economics instead of  by what is right. We should be the beacon of democracy, setting an example for the people struggling to free themselves from autocratic regimes. We can give them something better than iPads and iPhones. Lets give them something to aspire to.

It dismays me that the Egyptian revolution may be stillborn. The Egyptian military is forging an alliance with the Muslim fundamentalists. This could spell the end for true democracy in Egypt. I am even more enraged by Muslim religious fanatics than I am by Christian religious fanatics. The Muslim zealots would return the world to a medieval mind set, in which people’s arms are chopped off, women are disfigured or killed for the slightest infraction, and any freedom of thought involves risking one’s life. This cannot be God’s work, but perhaps Allah is some other entity. But no, I don’t wish to disparage all Muslims, just as there are good Christians who are doing good work, there are good Muslims doing the same. It is true that the press focuses on the extremism, and the not so dramatic and sound bite worthy people who are just quietly doing good, don’t get the news coverage.

Wake Up !!! My Message to Occupy Oakland


Occupy Oakland plays into the enemy's hands

This post consists of my reaction to the latest bullshit from the Occupy Oakland movement. They were doing fine yesterday, until they insisted on breaking the law by breaking into a vacant building to occupy it. The police responded with tear gas, flashbangs,  and beanbag bullets. While I like the idea of occupying vacant buildings, there is a better way to go about it. If confrontation is the goal, you better damn well have the support, and Occupy Oakland doesn’t have it. If confrontation is your goal, you need to have allies in law enforcement, the local government, local businesses, the military, and of course, the general public. It needs to be in the thousands, not hundreds. It needs to be fucking overwhelming, if confrontation is the goal. Otherwise it alienates almost everyone. Only the bonehead anarchists are left. The people that didn’t give a fuck before, and don’t give a fuck now, are left. These are not the people you want leading a revolution. They are guaranteed to screw it up, because, as I said, they are boneheads. They are courting violence. That only works at the tipping point of revolution, when you have overwhelming support which the government and military cannot successfully resist. Guys????? You aren’t even remotely close to even the beginning of such a movement. So stop the violence, it is getting you nowhere fast. The worst thing Occupy Oakland did yesterday had to be the invasion of City Hall, where they burned an American flag (great PR move, boneheads!), and trashed an exhibit of children’s art (what point did that serve?). This is precisely the direction Occupy Oakland should avoid, at all costs, lest they lose even more support. What were these people thinking? I can sympathize, being unemployed and dangling into the darkness of my own fears, but I am not ready to throw in my lot with a lot of Robespierre wannabes. The ultimate result is not pretty, because the American people are not quite ready for revolution. They won’t back you, and it might even push them into the arms of Romney or Gingrich. We need to find a better way.

The original focus of Occupy Wall Street was excellent. They wanted to educate Americans regarding the ridiculous gulf between rich and poor in this country. And not just that, but recognizing the consequences of this gulf. We can’t all be filthy rich, but we can be filthy. And this is what is happening. Unless there is a fundamental shift in priorities, and the rich recognize their obligation to turn this economy around, things are going to get a lot worse for everyone. But we need to wake up!! When I see people obsessing over Kim Kardashian, or who is going to win an Oscar, or some twitter bullshit, it tells me we are out of touch. I don’t think the American people in general realize just how fucked up things really are. The super rich of this country have blatantly ripped off the rest of us, and I don’t think that has sinked in quite yet. Although it may only be bikini underwear, the Emperor seems to still be wearing clothes. He’s naked, people!! He really is! Wake up!

Here’s some sobering video of yesterday’s events in Oakland

So what am I trying to say here? Well, first off, I am truly impressed at the degree of organization, commitment, and courage show by Occupy Oakland. It would be a shame to squander all that because of a minority of boneheads.  I think breaking the law is a bad idea. Unless you have a significant proportion of the police on your side, you are fighting a losing battle. It occurs to me that the boneheads want blood, they want casualties, because that might produce a sympathetic backlash in the public, supporting the movement. But at this stage, it would most likely lead to deadly polarization throughout the country. Violent language could lead to actual violence. I lived through a period of polarization with violence just under the surface during the early days of the counterculture. As I pointed out before, a tipping point must be reached before you throw your bodies on the barricades. We need to be finding ways of networking with government, businesses, and just regular folks, to forge a true mass movement, that the rich fuckers cannot ignore. Free enterprise is not the enemy. The grotesque abuse of free enterprise, which isn’t ‘free’ enterprise at all, is the enemy. These ultra rich bastards have raped the free enterprise system and left it to die in a ditch. Small business owners could be, and should be allies of the Occupy movement. Why not adopt a strategy in which the owners of vacant buildings invite Occupy Oakland to occupy their buildings? It could happen with the right attitude. But I guess that isn’t dramatic enough for the dumb asses that have poisoned this movement.  Trust me, if you let the anarchists have their way, it will fuck everything up in ways you cannot imagine. We’re talking anarchy!! Duh!!! Look the word up in the dictionary! It doesn’t mean social justice, it means no government at all, everyone doing whatever they fucking want to do. Anarchy lasts for about a week, if it’s lucky, then it degenerates into a vicious authoritarianism. Whoever has the guns, gets to make the rules. And they won’t be fun rules, folks! Wise up! Wake up!!

Elvis (best and worst of all artists) one of my heroes.


I am taking a break from my own saga, to comment on some of my heroes. I will begin with Elvis Presley.

Some of my earliest memories are of Elvis. Both my sisters were huge Elvis fans when I was a baby, and on into adulthood. So I heard Elvis constantly, went to see his movies, and saw him live, once. He is one of the greatest artists of all time, in my opinion, as well as one of the absolute worst artists of all time. Let me make my case. If you mention Elvis today, you first have to clarify if you are talking about Costello or Presley. (Elvis Costello is another one of my heroes, for which I would also say he is the best and the worst.). Then when you say Presley, they think of the fat turd in a jumpsuit, singing crappy songs on stage, who died on the toilet due to a drug overdose. They don’t get the big deal. He is a joke to a lot of young people today. But there are sub-groups that know better. There are those that are devoted to the earliest Elvis. The young man who virtually created rockabilly. They will contend that those five singles were the best thing he ever did, and the only Elvis you really need to bother with. Another group expands this appreciation of the younger Elvis by including all of Elvis’ music and movies from the fifties. But they would agree that Elvis died when he went into the army. There are a few people that focus on his comeback period of 1968-69, saying that is Elvis in his prime. Finally you have the crowd that like the unintentionally campy movies and music Elvis made throughout the sixties, the cornier the better. There are even those that prefer the seventies period, such as LIsa Marie, his daughter. Of course, that was when she knew her daddy. Each of these different versions of Elvis are distinct from each other, and it boggles the mind that the same young stud who recorded All Shook Up was also the geek who recorded Barefoot Ballad.

Elvis is a mystery. He wasn’t a hillbilly (or a country bumpkin, as he pointed out once when someone asked if he wanted to record “Country Bumpkin”). He wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t a genius. He wasn’t particularly macho in the beginning, preferring to avoid that sort of thing, but in the seventies he had become macho and overbearing at times. He allowed himself to be used for profit by Colonel Tom Parker, ruining his career in the process. It didn’t look that way from Parker’s point of view, because his movies, and soundtracks made a lot of money, at first. But it prevented Elvis from becoming the kind of artist he could have been if he had had a manager that pushed him to do his absolute best. Elvis could be very lazy, and in the seventies he just recorded songs he liked that he heard on the country rock radio station, without regard to quality.

It is hard to put across to someone who wasn’t there at the time (like myself), but when Elvis appeared on the scene in 1956, his look, his style, his performance, was revolutionary. I don’t buy this nonsense that he just ripped off the black artists. He did record a number of Little Richard hits, and songs by Ray Charles, Joe Turner, Lloyd Price, Winonie Harris, and of course, Arthur Crudup, a little known blues artist, but he acknowledged his sources, never making it appear that the songs were his own. But, more importantly, he did the songs in his own style, not copying the style of the original. The sound of the Blue Moon Boys (the original name for Elvis, Scotty Moore, and Bill Black), was a unique blend of country and blues, which opened the door for rock n’ roll. (Of course, there were other influences as well. In fact, much of Scotty’s guitar sound was inspired by Bill Haley and the Comets). I still consider that music some of the most exciting music ever recorded. I don’t agree that only the early Sun record recordings were brilliant. That same sound carried over into the music he made for RCA Victor. There is a joy, a sense of freedom, courage, and precociousness to that music which, sadly, Elvis never really recaptured. You can hear the same infectious youthful enthusiasm in both early Elvis and early Beatles. There was a decline in quality when Elvis began recording songs for his movies (with significant exceptions in Jailhouse Rock and KIng Creole). But this was nothing compared to the catastrophic collapse in quality which would come in the sixties.

There is a silly, campy, sort of tongue in cheek, quality to much of Elvis music in the sixties, but, let’s face it, it stinks!! There was some good music made. particularly in the beginning and the end of the decade, but the real schlock is from 1963-67. His movies became so bad that I dare anyone to be able to actually sit through some of the worst ones, such as Easy Come Easy Go, Speedway, or Charro. What the hell happened? I think Elvis truly lost interest in his career. He began to look at it as only a job, a job he hated. The amazing thing is that even when Elvis was left with crap to record, he managed to do as fine a job as was possible under the circumstances. The songs are sung well, they just aren’t good songs. Then at the end of the sixties he came on strong, with a tv special which blew everyone away. He sang with a gutsy quality which wasn’t even there in the fifties. His voice had deepened, allowing a more soulful delivery. You could tell he was pouring himself fully into the performances. That is, indeed, some of his best work. He developed an interesting sound, contemporary r & b with a slight Memphis country touch. His singing is extraordinary on songs like Suspicious Minds and Any Day Now. He only had that sound for a brief period, basically only in 1969 and 1970. He never looked better. He had redeemed himself, but it didn’t last long.

The seventies Elvis is a bad dream, which descends into nightmare. Elvis started out well enough. The music was cheesy, and the performances were repetitive, milking away whatever merits the songs might have had in the beginning. The way he sang his old fifties songs was a crime. He tossed them off as if he didn’t give a damn. He didn’t. He sold his entire catalog for a few million dollars, and thought he had earned a ton of money doing nothing, when in fact, he was a big fat idiot. He did not see himself as a legend, or as one of the best artists of all time. Some of the music from the seventies is unbearable. On many of the recordings he doesn’t sing well. However, there are a few stand outs, in which his voice is strong and rich. His version of Danny Boy is a masterpiece. But it didn’t happen often. It is amazing, as well as disgusting, that a tv special was filmed of what turned out to be Elvis last concert. That Colonel Parker would allow his ‘boy’ to appear on tv as a horribly sick, fat slob, bearly able to walk, much less perform, is mind boggling. At the time he died, he was unable to move his bowels. Hamburgers were jammed tight into his colon. He didn’t need a drug overdose, just the attempt to move his bowels was enough to generate a heart attack. What a sad way to go. But it feels like an appropriate comment on the American Dream, He died of cheeseburgers up his butt.

Elvis Presley’s ghost haunts us still. He confidence, his exquisite beauty (he had the profile of Apollo), his humor, but also his mediocrity, the incredible disappointment he became not once, but twice! For some, he is a big phony. For others, he is the real deal. Both are correct, depending on which Elvis Presley you mean. When I was in high school I tried to dress like him, to  disastrous effect. I had joined a very long line, including John Lennon, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and countless others. Their results were better. His influence within my family was so great, that my oldest brother said losing Elvis was like losing a family member. We weren’t alone. I will try to post something about some other heroes of mine. Elvis is my hero because he was totally original (unlike what some would have you think), even though he was influenced by James Dean, Marlon Brando, and even Tony Curtis and Dean Martin, he managed to take all his influences and create something truly unique to him.  At his best, no one could touch him. He was the most exciting. He was the best looking. He felt like Freedom! At his worst, well let’s not go there…….I will leave you with a video of Elvis when he was igniting a revolution. His first television appearance on Tommy Dorsey in 1956. Here are four of his Dorsey show appearances. I know it’s a lot but I want you to let yourself be transported back to that time and see how wild Elvis actually was.

It’s a New Year?


Tomorrow, when I get up it won’t feel any different. I will still be feeling aches and pains, and I will still fix the same breakfast, and listen to iTunes. However, meanwhile the world turns. Some maniac is torching cars down in Hollywood. I don’t think it was inspired by the Doors’ “Light My Fire”, because he or she was targeting cars, not buildings. I guess they just want to start the new year off with plenty of drama. There might be a bit of “the rich bastards deserve to have their BMW torched” kind of thing. Or the Devil may be whispering in somebody’s ear again. I included in my novel, an actual weird event in San Francisco that happened in 2007, where some Iraqi immigrant claimed the Devil instructed him to run over as many people as he could with his SUV. So he tried. He injured a lot of pedestrians before he crashed into a pole. Stressful times bring out the wackos. I am oddly optimistic, even though I just got through tweeting Happy??? New Year?? I am so fickle, up then I’m down? I don’t get it. What’s the deal? But I feel like I may get an opportunity to put my true talents to work, instead of just putting in time, down at the mill. here comes a rotten bill, too much monkey business for me to get involved in. (Thank you, Chuck Berry!) Hopefully I can do a bit of writing for hire, how about “Let’s Give Mitt Romney a Break?”, how’s that for a slogan, or “Oh, Come On! Mitt’s a Nice Guy!” or “Mitt Romney: Not So Bad” or “Mitt Romney: Could Do Worse” You get the picture. maybe “Mitt Romney: Lame but Likeable” That’s the best one. He is unbelievably lame. If he wins the nomination, Republicans will be asking themselves, how did this happen??? And for sure everyone will be asking that if he wins the election. It is a mystery how he got where he is now, it would take a quantum physicist to figure it out. “We were doing this experiment and out stepped Mitt Romney!, straight out of the quantum foam, the damnedest thing!”

And then there is the methane beneath the permafrost, in Siberia. There is enough there, that if it ignited, we would probably all suffocate. Nice!!! Let’s all die with a whimper. You see the problem is that the permafrost is melting, which is allowing the methane to accumulate, building up pressure. If we can cool the permafrost back down, well, a Russian scientist is doing just that, finding ways to restore the frigid temperatures. But can he do enough, quickly enough?? I don’t need any more doomsday scenarios. 2012, are you scared? The Maya calendar says an epoch is ending next year, a very long epoch, but that’s it, no mention actually of an apocalypse, just that one long count ends, and another begins. So we should just have a really really rockin’ new long count bitchin’ eve!!!! Won’t come around for another 25,000 years, Lady Gaga can’t live that long. OR CAN SHE

However, we are approaching a tipping point, I believe. Isn’t it obvious? People are rising up all over the fucking place (There! finally a place to say ‘fucking’, I’ve got a reputation to uphold). I feel the internet has everything to do with that. No longer can information be kept out, eventually it gets out, which means transparency is inevitable. Governments are going to have to adjust to this new reality, and I don’t think they have a game plan. The downside to that of course, is that the stuff you really, really don’t want to come out, like how to create a deadly virus for which we have no defense, could come out. In that instance, I want that information stuck in a capsule and shot into the outer reaches of the Solar System. I am in favor of greater freedom, and generally agree with Libertarianism, but Libertarianism tempered with common sense. I don’t really want a Wild West scenario for the entire world. I don’t want to have to strap on my six gun to go to the market. And I am not crazy about tents. I prefer a comfortable revolution. I think Vaclav Havel had the right idea with his Velvet Revolution, in which nobody got hurt. It is so easy to get all excited when you see people rising up and defying dictators, from the comfort of your couch. (I actually don’t have a couch, but this is a metaphorical couch, ok?) But if this sort of thing were happening here?, you know, where the police start opening fire, and the military steps in. Would you have the guts to face up to that, knowing you could very easily die? I wonder about that, and yet I see homeless people every day, that I think might be willing to put their bodies on the line. What do they have to lose?

So, as I’m sure you could guess, I would prefer to see Barack Obama get re-elected, although I have my beefs about him. I think his foreign policy stinks. And he is far too interested in kissing Republican ass. Fight those assholes!! They have no interest in compromise, they just want to nail your ass, so fight them, you big dummy! (as Fred Sanford would have said, remember Sanford and Son?)

Oil well, nuff said

now I’ll check Facebook and Twitter for the billioneth time and probably go to bed before midnight,

Happy New Year!

Here’s a great song I discovered as I listened to iTunes today, “Why Can’t I Touch It?” by the Buzzcocks

Revolution #9 Politics, Art, and Sexuality for the 21st Century


As I navigated to my blog to create this latest post, Revolution #9 started playing on  iTunes, which fit my topic perfectly. In this montage, you find protest, references to becoming naked, and a confusing mess of stuff which all adds up to 9, the number of spiritual transformation and one of John Lennon’s ongoing themes. This is right in step with the transformation I am undergoing (see previous blog).

I commented on Margaret Cho’s latest post on her blog at MargaretCho.com. Yes I am still following her blog. She always has something there which is worth reading. This time she was writing about women and tattoos. Recently, she had inquired about being featured in a Playboy pictorial and was told that Playboy doesn’t accept tattooed women. As I said in my comment, screw Playboy! Playboy used to stand for something, for sexual freedom and also cutting edge art and literature, although their attitude toward women was still very sexist by today’s standards. But for the time, it was revolutionary. We need the equivalent of that for the 21st century. Again, as I suggested to Margaret, lets create our own magazine! I put that out to writers, publishers, artists, beautiful women and men and transgender (which is all of us), to join together in a new magazine to bring together the cutting edge of freedom, in literature, art, politics, and, of course, a celebration of 21st century sexuality. I definitely think there is a market for it, just as there was a market for Playboy in 1953. I would love to participate in such a project and Margaret Cho could be our Marilyn Monroe, in the first issue!  Can you think of a better symbol of 21st century sexuality?

There is an interesting nexus here, between politics and sexuality. In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Carroll noted in his column that nudity and protesting so often go hand in hand. Although I haven’t noticed that the Occupy movement involves much nudity, maybe it’s too cold out for that. But for me, the overall theme in all of this, whether you are talking about political change, or a new direction in art and literature, is one of brutal honesty. People all over the world are sick of the bullshit. What better way of expressing the naked truth than by being literally naked? It drives some people nuts, and that is good, because that state of being nuts is an opportunity to get past your own programming and get real. All of us have bullshit prejudices that we often are unaware of until brought face to face with them. I was raised in the Midwest, and was programmed to believe all kinds of nonsense. I was taught to avoid niggertown, or I would get beaten up. I was taught that women belonged in the home, making babies. I was taught that sex is a necessary, but nevertheless shameful activity, which should not be celebrated. Only criminals got tattoos, and if you were gay you were a pervert. Even though I know better, and sometimes pride myself on being too hip for my jeans (sort of my variation of ‘too sexy for my shirt’), I discover those old prejudices creeping up on me when I am unawares. I have to constantly remind myself to be mindful and aware, instead of just a fucking robot.

My point? you say? I’m not the only bozo on this bus. We all need each other’s help in getting past our prejudices and being mindful. That would be the central focus of this idea of a new magazine. Mindful Sexuality Mindful Politics Mindful Art. What do you think? I’d love some feedback on this. I keep bringing up mindfulness because, for me, Buddhism, especially Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, stress mindfulness, and by that they mean Naked, naked right on down to the very ground of being. Mindfulness means brutal, but also tender, loving honesty in all things. But mindfulness also means Play. It means not taking it all that seriously, because at the ground of being everything is profoundly ok. It has already worked out. Everything is fine. But that is at the ground of being, ok? very far from the chaos of our minds. But if the first magazine was Playboy, why not name this one simply Play. Play in all things, political, artistic, and sexual. Sounds like fun to me.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting a Buddhist magazine, although it could certainly touch on that, as well as other mindful religions, psychologies, and philosophies. Mindfulness isn’t about Buddhism, it isn’t “about” anything, that’s the point.

I think there a lot of people going off in all sorts of directions right now, but the connecting thread is Freedom. There isn’t enough of it. and Bravery. That is something all of us are going to need to cultivate. and Love. as the Beatles said……..

That magazine might be a place where my erstwhile novel (yes, it exists!) might find a home. In any case, I think it is a good idea. There are a lot of magazines that touch on different aspects of what I am choosing to call Revolution #9, but I don’t know of one that brings it all together. What an exciting project!