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I seek out those distant places where…


I seek out those distant places where the air feels differently against my skin

I thought I might have seen you there

Lying naked in the sand grinning from ear to ear

Perhaps it was someone very like you

Speaking a different language

Wearing sandals instead of sensible shoes

I seek out those elegant faces with expressions that defy explanation

I imagine their thoughts hold a beauty unfamiliar

They smell of honey and ginger

I seek out the far corners where the dust settles

covering the discarded pamphlets

given out by a silly devil

I could walk through this strange but lovely land

searching for something wonderful

or weird and oddly disconcerting

I could search forever

Lose my direction and my sense

Yet someplace far away

 Is where I long to be

but I discovered one day that no matter how far away I go

I always end up here