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Where Angels Fear To Tread


Believe what? Exactly?

Fools rush in, and that is exactly what the mainstream media says about those few people that investigate what should not be investigated. They are the lunatic fringe. There are certain things which if talked about, written about, investigated, get you stigmatized right away. Since I am basically a nobody, with nothing to lose, about to end up on the street, silent and invisible, I have no problem with being a fool. What are those things? I think you can guess. The Kennedy assassinations, The King assassination, Roswell, what really happened on 9/11, and another topic that is so hot that I don’t even want to mention it because just that mention, would taint me. People that delve into any of this stuff get marginalized. Nobody in the mainstream takes you seriously, and that leaves you with a bunch of nut cases who follow your every word. That makes matters even worse. But the crazy thing about it is that when you even take a cursory glance at these topics you know the mainstream explanation is a load of bull. It is an amazing feat of propaganda that you can be made to look like an idiot even when it is obvious you are on to something.

Take the John F. Kennedy assassination. Just like the other topics above, things get very weird very quickly when you really look into this event. It becomes a trip through a hall filled with fun house mirrors distorting every fact. But one thing is very clear, at least to me, not only did Oswald not act alone, he probably didn’t even act. There seem to have been two Oswalds. Nobody really knows what is up with that. Kennedy was struck from the front, not the back. A child can see that. It takes such a convoluted explanation to try to prove that he was struck from behind that it is comical. It gets a lot worse. The autopsy was a crazy mixed up affair, with photos disappearing, his brain getting misplaced. I really don’t know what to think, but I don’t buy the official version of what happened. What really blew my mind was when there was a television special in which they staged a trial as if Oswald had lived and been tried, and after it was made very clear that the official story was nonsense, the jury voted in favor of the official version anyway. I guess it is much more comfortable to believe the lone nut theory. But what I believe is that if you get in the way of the wrong people in this country, you get killed. It’s as simple as that. The only problem I have is that I have yet to hear a really convincing reason to want to have Kennedy killed. What threat did he pose? The ones offered so far are lame, not enough of a threat to justify assassination, in my opinion. But it is even harder to find a plausible motive for Oswald. To get his name in the paper? Bullshit. The fact that he got killed right afterward cinches it. That is too much of a coincidence. I don’t buy that Jack Ruby was upset over the assassination. However, the book is closed on this affair, and just to make damn sure of it, Vincent Bugliosi published a ridiculously huge, badly written, brick of a book to put to rest once and for all, any doubts about who killed Pres. Kennedy. It didn’t sell too well, so he put out a condensed version. My guess is that it hasn’t sold too well either. Those that are trying to put this thing to rest seem to thing if they can just repeat it often enough, with people like Norman Mailer publishing a book on Oswald, and other respected people repeating the official line, that people will stop questioning it. It ain’t gonna happen. The fools will continue to rush in.

Then there is the forgotten assassination, oh wait, two forgotten assassinations, the RFK and MLK assassinations. The Robert Kennedy assassination is even more bizarre in many ways than his brother. Sirhan Sirhan cannot recall what he did. I think there is compelling, not quite convincing, but compelling, evidence that Sirhan Sirhan was brainwashed into committing the murder, and the woman in the polka dot dress he was seen with just before he killed Kennedy, was his handler. But in this case, it appears that not many people are interested in what really happened, they simply accept the official version. Same deal with MLK. Virtually no one outside the black community questions what happened there. James Earl Ray ran all the way to England and back before he was apprehended. This is not the behavior of some Memphis cracker who worked as a janitor. Where did he get so much money? I think there is more to discover about that case. But once again there was a rush to judgement, a simple explanation which everyone who wasn’t black accepted. In the case of Martin Luther King, it isn’t hard at all to see what kind of threat he posed. We know the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) were involved in experimental mind control and other black book operations. (operations too secret for the public to be informed about). Whether we are looking at official involvement or rogue operations or something altogether different is hard to tell. But anyone who delves into this stuff should be prepared to be ridiculed, discounted, marginalized, and if you get too close to the truth, your life becomes a living hell.

Then there is Roswell and the whole flying saucer deal. Remember UFO’s? They used to be a big deal. Look magazine had a big special edition devoted to it, in the mid 60’s. In my family it was a frequent topic of conversation. No more. You still have fringe groups that are devoted to investigating UFO’s. They are on the internet, but you don’t find any interest whatsoever in the mainstream media. It is all a bunch of nonsense. Case closed. Who says? Who made this decision? It can be traced to the Condon report, a supposedly scientific investigation into UFO’s in 1969. It was bullshit. It was nowhere near comprehensive, and arrived at ridiculous conclusions. And the public bought it!!! Now I don’t really know what to think about UFO’s. Something is happening, that much is clear. Something. I don’t think it is what a lot of people think it is. We are being deliberately mislead by whatever is behind this stuff. I think something important happened at Roswell, but again I don’t necessarily buy the whole spaceship thing. But I don’t believe the official story either. The air force has changed it’s story more than once. Finally they settle on the story that a Russian balloon equipped with strips of aluminum to jam radar crashed at Roswell. I don’t buy it. It would have to have been an enormous balloon. Something¬† just stinks about that whole story. The truth has yet to come out, at least all of the truth. And once again, the case is considered closed. If you believe in any of that crap you are a nut case, not to be taken seriously.

Finally, we have had the events of 9/11 crammed down our throats for too damn long. It has been relentless. The official story, what there is of it, is repeated over and over.¬† Those people who ask questions not only get marginalized, their patriotism is questioned. You are bombarded by an indignant stare as if you are the lowest worm on the planet. It reminds me of when I challenged Secretary of State Dean Rusk in 1971. He was speaking at an assembly about Vietnam, and I asked him if the US had any plans in place for if we lost the war. He was so indignant, staring at me with daggers in his eyes, saying that the United States was not going to lose the war, so there was no need for such plans. Of course, we did lose. We were chased out of Saigon with our tails between our legs. Great plan. Of course, I’m sure the official version is different. But like with the Pres. Kennedy assassination, you enter a crazy multidimensional puzzle palace when you try to really figure out what happened on 9/11. It is not entirely clear who was on those planes. They used other people’s ID’s. We can guess that Mohammed Atta was because we have him on camera at the airport, but beyond that it gets fuzzy. When you consider some of the photographic evidence it gets really weird. How does a jet airliner get totally buried, so that nothing whatsoever is sticking out of the ground? The official explanation is that it blew completely apart, leaving only tiny pieces scattered over a very large area. I am sceptical. The photos of the Pentagon attack are also strange. The cameras at the Pentagon captured what hit the building and it doesn’t look like a jet airliner, and once again you see a hole in the building but where the hell is the plane? These are just common sense things, that jump out right away, but nobody but the conspiracy theorists bring this stuff up. It is also strange, first of all, that the twin towers came down, and how they came down. But any attempt to investigate further is met with a fierce putdown. You are absolutely not allowed to question what happened that day, unless you want to be considered unpatriotic and possibly even an enemy of the US. The suggestion that elements within the US Govt. may have had something to do with it is met with that indignation and deadly stare. How dare you suggest such a thing? All I am saying is that I don’t think we have the whole story and somebody, or a lot of somebodys , are protected their ass.

It is so tempting to attribute all of this to some secret cabal like the Illuminati. It makes it all so simple and understandable. But that is just it. It is too simple and understandable. It smacks of misinformation, along the lines of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whatever or whoever is behind all this, and there isn’t necessarily any reason to think it is just one source, are very skilled and dangerous. They may be legion as the Bible would say. But I do know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and has been for some time. But it appears that if someone comes anywhere near the truth, awful things occur. Their lives take a nose dive. They are persecuted, and uncanny things happen. That can be the topic of another post. I believe there really is something to investigate and it could very well get you killed. This is serious business, not for the faint hearted. But so long as you appear to be a nut, and have your youTube videos which only guys living with their mother ever watch, you are safe. That is just where the guilty ones want the investigators to be, on the margins.