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We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)


It is clear to me that we are lost

We are mesmerized by events within a false world of our own making

When this fact is fully grasped it can lead to insanity and horror

But if you can allow yourself to trust your true self (without really knowing or understanding the nature of that self)

You can retain your sanity and find your bearings

We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)

We are more powerful than we can possibly know

This is (of course) both good and bad news

I believe that consciousness is a miracle

I believe we were intended to be like robots

And we took a step outside our programming

When that wasn’t supposed to be possible

We metaprogrammed our programming to a remarkable extent

But there is much more work to be done

We are still like robots in too many ways

The nature of things, reality itself is elastic

We can set the course of the entire universe

If we so wish

It is possible we have enemies in our midst

Hard to know if this is true or just a part of the plan

The plan devised by our creators

For it is abundantly clear that we are being deceived

misdirected and fucked over from day one

But it is wise to not jump to conclusions about who or what is responsible

We need to live in the questions

rather than the answers

If we wish to be free

Miracles can happen

We are the evidence

Today we need to stop playing the same old movie

Because we know how that one ends

And set a new course

It’s up to you and me

We need a miracle (and a miracle can occur!)

This is a sort of poem, sort of sermon, delivered from someplace that isn’t a place, and received in my weak little brain. I thought I should pass it on.

Additionally I am very proud of my Gimp creation here. This is a nice collage from various sources, featuring my muse, Stock Photo Woman. This wonderful collage may get used on the next installment of that series, I haven’t decided, but it works nicely here. So what do you say? Let’s have a miracle every day!!

Cosmic Radio


So what was on the cosmic radio this afternoon? As I walked to and from Safeway I was bombarded by an ongoing philosophical discourse inside my head. This first post concerns the most esoteric part of this broadcast. Another post on russellpop.wordpress.com will take up the cultural and misleadingly superficial aspects of that broadcast. I get so bored with my own soap opera at times that I have to disconnect from my fragile ego and listen in on something far more interesting and engaging than my own tedious neuroses. Today was such a time. I posed the question to myself, ‘what is actually going on?’ as opposed to what I think is going on. Our perception of reality is determined by our internal dialogue. But we miss out on a lot, some of which is trivial and some of which could change our lives. It is up to us which channels we attend to. There is the practical channel which prevents our running into lampposts and reminds us of why we are out here on the sidewalk walking. We do in fact have a destination, and unlike the gentleman to my left who is talking out loud, I actually know where I am going and why. But this utilitarian shopping channel doesn’t take up much space in my hard drive and I am free to tune into more interesting material without fear I will have an accident of some kind. So once again, ‘what, in fact is going on?’ I reiterate. Well, if we look to science, to the most precise measures of actual nuts and bolts physical stuff, we get an interesting conclusion. Nothing actually exists, and conversely nothing can be said to not exist either. Both are wrong. Our tools are insufficient to describe what is actually going on. Our language necessitates a subject and object, a duality which does not actually exist but works wonderfully as a descriptive device enabling us to investigate in our limited fashion this something/nothing within which we lead our daily lives. But whatever we manage to come up with, that ain’t it. Scientists aren’t bothered by this. They are routinely satisfied with approximations of reality. It is the best we can do given our limitations.

But for us regular folks it is frustrating, aggravating, take your pick. The truth will set you free but at first it will piss you off. Truth? Reality? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? My older brother has been hammering away at this philosophical conundrum for some time now. I agree with his conclusions as I understand them, knowing that whatever I write about it, it isn’t precisely what he is saying. I’ll do my best to do justice to his masterwork. Reality is what we perceive, which is colored by what we feel, think, what we have learned, been told, and whether we are coming down with a cold, in short, reality is our shared experience. The more something is shared the more real it becomes. Reality appears obvious to us, it differs from belief in that reality is what we know to be true. When someone says ‘Duh!’ in regard to something we have said, they are referring to reality. It is what everybody knows, and therefore, for most of us it is indistinguishable from the truth. But is it? What we know to be true is subject to a high level of distortion. It is conditioned by our own perception, our life experience, and the propaganda barrage we are subjected to daily. So what is true? Good question. The truth lies beyond our ability to communicate at this time in our evolution. All we can really do is say, ‘nope. that ain’t it. that isn’t it either. Close, but no cigar.’ The truth is elusive. So close, yet so far from paradise. We can approach it, but even to say that is misleading because how can you know that you are approaching the truth when you don’t know the truth? Duh! The answer I like, is that we are the truth. There are only two accurate statements, ‘all of it is true’ and ‘none of it is true’. Back to the existence/nonexistence conundrum. It is in the nature of language that nothing makes sense taken out of context. So we cannot talk intelligently about a context which contains all other contexts. It becomes unintelligible. You have to define what you are talking about, or in other words, put it in context, before it can make sense. But this necessarily distorts the information, causing it to become false. All reality is contextual, and therefore false to a degree. This is the principle behind the concept of maya. Maya is the phenomenal universe, or reality. (although even the nonphenomenal or noumenal universe is also reality, albeit much more subtle). If you can talk about it, strictly speaking, it isn’t it. You are inevitably off the mark, if only by a tiny tiny bit. Scientists are comfortable with this, and although they wouldn’t like to call it this, they take it on faith basically. Faith is what you have when you can’t verify your data, but nevertheless are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you suspect is true, is in fact true. Once again I am attracted to the notion that the truth is where all of this is headed and it is where all of this came from. This idea of time, of something happening in a linear fashion is nothing more than a philosophical and also a scientific convenience. It is so hard to talk about any of this without that convenience. Time is a measurement of change in the data. That’s all. It doesn’t exist, in the same way that numbers don’t actually exist but are philosophical tools to enable us to communicate about something we don’t fully understand. Allow me to indulge in a brief analogy to help unclog all this stuff I just wrote. A bit of philosophical Drano if you will. Languages of all sorts, mathematical and linguistic serve as the software, a translation of the machine code which God only knows who can read that stuff (literally!!). You could say that the machine code is like the quantum foam at the very heart of physicality. Binary. On/Off Exist/Not Exist This duality allows a pattern to emerge, and this pattern is reality, if you will (or even if you won’t, the foam doesn’t ask for our opinion, or then again, does it?) Who are we? Who am I? Do I reside within the quantum foam, or am I somewhere else? I think most would agree that our bodies are definitely a product, ultimately, of this quantum funkiness, but are we something other than our bodies? Sorry, no dependable data on this question. I prefer to think that we are intangible. We lie outside the either/or universe of quantum indeterminism. We both exist and do not exist, or neither, or I don’t know, feets don’t fail me now! We are not the data, we are collecting the data. We lie outside the experiment. Or do we?

So, clearly this radio could continue it’s program for as long as I, or you, or anyone would care to tune in. But you can see that the lines of communication are corroded. I was getting a bad translation. There was a lot of static on the line. It can’t be helped. Inevitably, as I grappled with this philosophical problem of what is actually going on, it become more and more unintelligible. I found myself seeking refuge in analogies and elegant solutions which may or may not have anything to do with the price of eggs in China. What is actually going on? Nothing. A program is running, and so something appears to be happening. At various moments, the device breaks down, or the program attempts to execute a bad block of code, and we discover that what we thought was happening was just an enticing puppet show of sorts, and we glimpse something else. Something that isn’t properly anything at all, just this indefinable suchness which can only be pointed at, but not intelligently discussed. Perhaps we can approach such things with poetry. Perhaps we know, but cannot tell, struck mute by our linguistic and mathematical limitations. That is how it feels to me, at any rate. So, there it is, the rough approximation of this afternoon’s broadcast of the cosmic radio. As always it leaves me unsatisfied. What was that all about? Nothing. and yet and yet, I can’t help feeling that I am on the verge of a great discovery, which would change everything forever, and for the better.

Can’t you see?

It isn’t like that at all!

It is so much better!

If only I had the words to tell you,

you would be so happy.

But I don’t.

It is just a cosmic radio,

for whatever it is worth.

Philip K. Dick and the Cosmic Wikipedia


Philip K. Dick android missing head by Niki Sublime. Somehow if feels right to have Philip K. Dick's head watching us as we ride the subway. This is from an interesting website, http://afflictor.com/tag/philip-k-dick/

Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that the SF Public Library had Philip K. Dick’s exegesis on audio. It is 43 compact discs. If you don’t know who Philip K. Dick is I can’t help wondering why you are even reading this. But for those few uninformed souls, Philip K. Dick was a science fiction author, quite a prolific one given his short life. Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, and Minority Report are all based on his novels. In 1973 he had quite an extraordinary experience. A woman showed up at his door, wearing a Christian fish symbol around her neck. The sight of her and this symbol triggered something. The question is what. A beam of pink light, if in fact it was light, struck Philip in the forehead and he heard what seemed to be an artificially intelligent voice emanating from a satellite. This voice identified itself as VALIS, a vast active living intelligence system. It told Philip many things. It let Dick know that he in fact existed in the first century AD, at the same time as 1973 AD, and that in fact everything since the first century AD was an artificial construct. In fact, the Roman Empire never ended. There was a great deal of information which Philip K. Dick attempted to come to grips with in three novels, Valis, the Transmigration of Timothy Archer, and the Divine Invasion. He also kept a journal, or as he called it, an exegesis, which wasn’t meant for publication. It was his musings on everything and anything, sort of like my blog, come to think of it. Except his exegesis all ultimately came back to VALIS and it’s message. He thought he may be succumbing to schizophrenia, and then felt he was privy to a divine revelation, or perhaps some kind of download using a pink laser. He speculated that the message ultimately originated from Sirius. Sirius. It always comes back to Sirius. It is hard to take it Sirius. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Sirius plays a role in the history of esoteric knowledge. Some insist that the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians were in direct contact with Sirius, or even that the human race was created by Sirians. They may be our ancestors. Sirius, for the uninformed reader, is a double star system many many light years away. We don’t know if it has planets. But interestingly, there are maps of Sirius created by ancient Africans who did not have the means to physically see the star system. I’m not sure what to think, but it certainly stimulates my imagination. One thing is for sure, the Sirians have been trying to tell us things for centuries. VALIS is one of the more interesting examples. It is hard to know if Philip Dick really thought the communication was from Sirius. He would argue with himself in novel form and in the exegesis. He tried out different scenarios, both as ideas for novels, and as serious philosophical speculation. To tell you the truth, I don’t think Phil knew quite what to think about his experience except to insist that it did indeed occur, and leave it at that.

But it is damn near impossible to leave it at that. I have only listened to a tiny tiny portion of the exegesis so far, and I listened to it on shuffle because it makes sense to listen to random portions. This is not a linear narrative to begin with. What is clear from the outset is that Dick is a brilliant man. He refers to religious sources, philosophical sources, and combines them in novel ways. He arrives at ideas that are sometimes obtuse and hopelessly obscure, or startlingly lucid and clear. Could we be software? Could we be virtual avatars? Is the universe part of a vast network of intelligence far beyond our ability to comprehend? That is certainly what the Hindus appear to have believed and their writings are among the Earth’s oldest. Could it be that the multiverses interact in a way quite similar to the internet? It may be that what we learn about cybernetics could provide insight into the very structure of reality. Maybe. Who knows? I try to stay grounded when I go off into wild speculations inspired by this exegesis. So did Philip K.Dick. He knew much of what he wrote seemed crazy to a lot of people, and in many ways, he didn’t care. He had lived his life on the fringes of society for so long it no longer mattered what the mainstream media thought. I applaud his courage. He could have kept his speculations and his bizarre experience veiled within his fiction, but instead he declared it to be true. As I get further along in my listening to his exegesis, I will likely post more about it. We are so limited by our senses and our feeble tools. There is undoubtedly a lot more going on than we have a clue about. Philip K. Dick may provide us a window into this vast unknown. Check your library, or check online for a way to purchase this amazing bit of writing. It is probably most suitable for Dickheads like myself, but you may get a lot out of it anyhow.

Say Goodbye to Death (the spirit of Easter)


With Easter All Is Fresh and New. We Greet the World with a Newfound Wonder. Every Spring Life Rushes Forth From Every Corner and Cannot Be Denied

I have always had cheerful memories of Easter. It is when I really recognize that Spring has arrived. Rebirth. The dark night of the soul filled with unemployment and other uncertainties has ended. Easter is a celebration of the miracle of life, rising from the dead molecules by virtue of something ineffable. Anything is possible. The Empire has ended, Mr. Dick. We stand apart from this dismal creation. The stone has been rolled away and all definitions, theories and beliefs no longer hold sway. It is a new day in every way imaginable. Easter. Magic fills the air. It is a time to cast away your fears and dare to dream the impossible. From the viewpoint of eternity, all is accomplished and it is good. Very good indeed. All is redeemed and made new. All is forgiven and given a fresh start. Amnesty for all. Isn’t that a refreshing idea? This is the spirit of Easter. Say goodbye to Death. Forever.

A part of me, my mind primarily, thinks these thoughts are much too positive. Unrealistic. Foolish. Girlish. Whatever. Occasionally such thoughts appear like clouds obscuring the Sun, but in a moment they pass away. Such skepticism cannot withstand the warmth and light of Easter. Easter brings forth a childlike enthusiasm in which nothing is foolish, and all things are fun. I ask those who scoff, who are so proud of their analysis. Do you think it will matter as you lie in your grave that you were right? Why not be wrong and live forever in defiance of all axioms and logical analysis. It cannot be and yet it is. This is the point of Easter. This is the point of it all. I am reminded of John Lennon’s song “She Said He Said”. ‘She said I know what it means to be dead. He said no no no you’re wrong. When I was a boy, everything was right’. Easter is about that time when everything was right. That time is now, if you want it. Strawberry Fields Forever.

Life can be, and is, a nightmare at times. Easter captures the joy that feels your entire being when you discover that you have awakened from that nightmare. It was all a dream. Thank God! Thank God indeed. The nightmare serves an important purpose however. We cannot dwell in paradise content, because there are much greater miracles to be had. Even more beautiful paradises lie beyond our grasp. We only need imagine. The big bang did not occur, it is occurring. God is active. This is that moment, the only moment, and anything could happen. These words pour forth without my skeptical mind’s permission for I am filled with joy. I love my life and all life and also recognize that this joy will not and cannot last. I will go to sleep again, and enter the dark Alcatraz of the soul. I accept this, and know that Easter will come again. It cannot be denied. It is the truth, all else is just people talking. Rejoice in this fact!! It is not only better than you think, it is better than you can think. Thinking is a deprecated application. We are tenderly feeling our way into a better interface. We will need a better language, as we’re finding the prison lingo can no longer suffice.

Happy Easter!!

My Truth


Ok, so after posting some really dreadful poetry, I thought I should post something better. I am in love and I am uncertain what I am in love with. Perhaps it is myself. I am filled with such love that I cannot settle down. My life is filled with an unaccountable urgency, and yet there is nothing whatsoever I can do. I can write. That is all. But rather than focus on that, I prefer to tell the real truth, something other than the dark and dismal world I become more acquainted with each day. There is another truth, my truth.

My truth describes a better place. We will not and cannot be defeated, none of us can die. We occupy a paradise beyond our sight, and have all the time in the world to set things right. This is how it feels deep inside, although it flies in the face of reason. I am afraid of the future and my own death, and yet this certainty remains. I am you, as you are I. All else is illusory. That unbearable love I feel is the love of all for all. It is how this universe feels from the inside as it is still being created, with each moment. This is who we actually are. But of course the self I know so intimately, who worries about his fate isn’t consoled by this, nor should he be. This is how it is, no matter what is written or said. I cannot account for this certainty. I make no claims to it’s veracity. It is simply my Truth.

However,it does intrigue me that my Truth coincides with much of what I’ve read, from Hindu and Buddhist sources. But here’s the thing, I felt and thought these things before I read those books. I write these things to comfort myself, I’m sure. Because, as I draw nearer to death, I am anxious to know the truth, and I desperately want to feel some sort of connection with  my fellow humans. As I said before, sometimes it is almost too much to bear. I wish I could, through my own magic, my own truth, transform this world, just as I would have my love heal it.

This is my Truth

Written from within the Darkness

Where Angels Fear To Tread


Believe what? Exactly?

Fools rush in, and that is exactly what the mainstream media says about those few people that investigate what should not be investigated. They are the lunatic fringe. There are certain things which if talked about, written about, investigated, get you stigmatized right away. Since I am basically a nobody, with nothing to lose, about to end up on the street, silent and invisible, I have no problem with being a fool. What are those things? I think you can guess. The Kennedy assassinations, The King assassination, Roswell, what really happened on 9/11, and another topic that is so hot that I don’t even want to mention it because just that mention, would taint me. People that delve into any of this stuff get marginalized. Nobody in the mainstream takes you seriously, and that leaves you with a bunch of nut cases who follow your every word. That makes matters even worse. But the crazy thing about it is that when you even take a cursory glance at these topics you know the mainstream explanation is a load of bull. It is an amazing feat of propaganda that you can be made to look like an idiot even when it is obvious you are on to something.

Take the John F. Kennedy assassination. Just like the other topics above, things get very weird very quickly when you really look into this event. It becomes a trip through a hall filled with fun house mirrors distorting every fact. But one thing is very clear, at least to me, not only did Oswald not act alone, he probably didn’t even act. There seem to have been two Oswalds. Nobody really knows what is up with that. Kennedy was struck from the front, not the back. A child can see that. It takes such a convoluted explanation to try to prove that he was struck from behind that it is comical. It gets a lot worse. The autopsy was a crazy mixed up affair, with photos disappearing, his brain getting misplaced. I really don’t know what to think, but I don’t buy the official version of what happened. What really blew my mind was when there was a television special in which they staged a trial as if Oswald had lived and been tried, and after it was made very clear that the official story was nonsense, the jury voted in favor of the official version anyway. I guess it is much more comfortable to believe the lone nut theory. But what I believe is that if you get in the way of the wrong people in this country, you get killed. It’s as simple as that. The only problem I have is that I have yet to hear a really convincing reason to want to have Kennedy killed. What threat did he pose? The ones offered so far are lame, not enough of a threat to justify assassination, in my opinion. But it is even harder to find a plausible motive for Oswald. To get his name in the paper? Bullshit. The fact that he got killed right afterward cinches it. That is too much of a coincidence. I don’t buy that Jack Ruby was upset over the assassination. However, the book is closed on this affair, and just to make damn sure of it, Vincent Bugliosi published a ridiculously huge, badly written, brick of a book to put to rest once and for all, any doubts about who killed Pres. Kennedy. It didn’t sell too well, so he put out a condensed version. My guess is that it hasn’t sold too well either. Those that are trying to put this thing to rest seem to thing if they can just repeat it often enough, with people like Norman Mailer publishing a book on Oswald, and other respected people repeating the official line, that people will stop questioning it. It ain’t gonna happen. The fools will continue to rush in.

Then there is the forgotten assassination, oh wait, two forgotten assassinations, the RFK and MLK assassinations. The Robert Kennedy assassination is even more bizarre in many ways than his brother. Sirhan Sirhan cannot recall what he did. I think there is compelling, not quite convincing, but compelling, evidence that Sirhan Sirhan was brainwashed into committing the murder, and the woman in the polka dot dress he was seen with just before he killed Kennedy, was his handler. But in this case, it appears that not many people are interested in what really happened, they simply accept the official version. Same deal with MLK. Virtually no one outside the black community questions what happened there. James Earl Ray ran all the way to England and back before he was apprehended. This is not the behavior of some Memphis cracker who worked as a janitor. Where did he get so much money? I think there is more to discover about that case. But once again there was a rush to judgement, a simple explanation which everyone who wasn’t black accepted. In the case of Martin Luther King, it isn’t hard at all to see what kind of threat he posed. We know the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) were involved in experimental mind control and other black book operations. (operations too secret for the public to be informed about). Whether we are looking at official involvement or rogue operations or something altogether different is hard to tell. But anyone who delves into this stuff should be prepared to be ridiculed, discounted, marginalized, and if you get too close to the truth, your life becomes a living hell.

Then there is Roswell and the whole flying saucer deal. Remember UFO’s? They used to be a big deal. Look magazine had a big special edition devoted to it, in the mid 60’s. In my family it was a frequent topic of conversation. No more. You still have fringe groups that are devoted to investigating UFO’s. They are on the internet, but you don’t find any interest whatsoever in the mainstream media. It is all a bunch of nonsense. Case closed. Who says? Who made this decision? It can be traced to the Condon report, a supposedly scientific investigation into UFO’s in 1969. It was bullshit. It was nowhere near comprehensive, and arrived at ridiculous conclusions. And the public bought it!!! Now I don’t really know what to think about UFO’s. Something is happening, that much is clear. Something. I don’t think it is what a lot of people think it is. We are being deliberately mislead by whatever is behind this stuff. I think something important happened at Roswell, but again I don’t necessarily buy the whole spaceship thing. But I don’t believe the official story either. The air force has changed it’s story more than once. Finally they settle on the story that a Russian balloon equipped with strips of aluminum to jam radar crashed at Roswell. I don’t buy it. It would have to have been an enormous balloon. Something  just stinks about that whole story. The truth has yet to come out, at least all of the truth. And once again, the case is considered closed. If you believe in any of that crap you are a nut case, not to be taken seriously.

Finally, we have had the events of 9/11 crammed down our throats for too damn long. It has been relentless. The official story, what there is of it, is repeated over and over.  Those people who ask questions not only get marginalized, their patriotism is questioned. You are bombarded by an indignant stare as if you are the lowest worm on the planet. It reminds me of when I challenged Secretary of State Dean Rusk in 1971. He was speaking at an assembly about Vietnam, and I asked him if the US had any plans in place for if we lost the war. He was so indignant, staring at me with daggers in his eyes, saying that the United States was not going to lose the war, so there was no need for such plans. Of course, we did lose. We were chased out of Saigon with our tails between our legs. Great plan. Of course, I’m sure the official version is different. But like with the Pres. Kennedy assassination, you enter a crazy multidimensional puzzle palace when you try to really figure out what happened on 9/11. It is not entirely clear who was on those planes. They used other people’s ID’s. We can guess that Mohammed Atta was because we have him on camera at the airport, but beyond that it gets fuzzy. When you consider some of the photographic evidence it gets really weird. How does a jet airliner get totally buried, so that nothing whatsoever is sticking out of the ground? The official explanation is that it blew completely apart, leaving only tiny pieces scattered over a very large area. I am sceptical. The photos of the Pentagon attack are also strange. The cameras at the Pentagon captured what hit the building and it doesn’t look like a jet airliner, and once again you see a hole in the building but where the hell is the plane? These are just common sense things, that jump out right away, but nobody but the conspiracy theorists bring this stuff up. It is also strange, first of all, that the twin towers came down, and how they came down. But any attempt to investigate further is met with a fierce putdown. You are absolutely not allowed to question what happened that day, unless you want to be considered unpatriotic and possibly even an enemy of the US. The suggestion that elements within the US Govt. may have had something to do with it is met with that indignation and deadly stare. How dare you suggest such a thing? All I am saying is that I don’t think we have the whole story and somebody, or a lot of somebodys , are protected their ass.

It is so tempting to attribute all of this to some secret cabal like the Illuminati. It makes it all so simple and understandable. But that is just it. It is too simple and understandable. It smacks of misinformation, along the lines of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Whatever or whoever is behind all this, and there isn’t necessarily any reason to think it is just one source, are very skilled and dangerous. They may be legion as the Bible would say. But I do know that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, and has been for some time. But it appears that if someone comes anywhere near the truth, awful things occur. Their lives take a nose dive. They are persecuted, and uncanny things happen. That can be the topic of another post. I believe there really is something to investigate and it could very well get you killed. This is serious business, not for the faint hearted. But so long as you appear to be a nut, and have your youTube videos which only guys living with their mother ever watch, you are safe. That is just where the guilty ones want the investigators to be, on the margins.

Revolution #9 Politics, Art, and Sexuality for the 21st Century


As I navigated to my blog to create this latest post, Revolution #9 started playing on  iTunes, which fit my topic perfectly. In this montage, you find protest, references to becoming naked, and a confusing mess of stuff which all adds up to 9, the number of spiritual transformation and one of John Lennon’s ongoing themes. This is right in step with the transformation I am undergoing (see previous blog).

I commented on Margaret Cho’s latest post on her blog at MargaretCho.com. Yes I am still following her blog. She always has something there which is worth reading. This time she was writing about women and tattoos. Recently, she had inquired about being featured in a Playboy pictorial and was told that Playboy doesn’t accept tattooed women. As I said in my comment, screw Playboy! Playboy used to stand for something, for sexual freedom and also cutting edge art and literature, although their attitude toward women was still very sexist by today’s standards. But for the time, it was revolutionary. We need the equivalent of that for the 21st century. Again, as I suggested to Margaret, lets create our own magazine! I put that out to writers, publishers, artists, beautiful women and men and transgender (which is all of us), to join together in a new magazine to bring together the cutting edge of freedom, in literature, art, politics, and, of course, a celebration of 21st century sexuality. I definitely think there is a market for it, just as there was a market for Playboy in 1953. I would love to participate in such a project and Margaret Cho could be our Marilyn Monroe, in the first issue!  Can you think of a better symbol of 21st century sexuality?

There is an interesting nexus here, between politics and sexuality. In today’s San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Carroll noted in his column that nudity and protesting so often go hand in hand. Although I haven’t noticed that the Occupy movement involves much nudity, maybe it’s too cold out for that. But for me, the overall theme in all of this, whether you are talking about political change, or a new direction in art and literature, is one of brutal honesty. People all over the world are sick of the bullshit. What better way of expressing the naked truth than by being literally naked? It drives some people nuts, and that is good, because that state of being nuts is an opportunity to get past your own programming and get real. All of us have bullshit prejudices that we often are unaware of until brought face to face with them. I was raised in the Midwest, and was programmed to believe all kinds of nonsense. I was taught to avoid niggertown, or I would get beaten up. I was taught that women belonged in the home, making babies. I was taught that sex is a necessary, but nevertheless shameful activity, which should not be celebrated. Only criminals got tattoos, and if you were gay you were a pervert. Even though I know better, and sometimes pride myself on being too hip for my jeans (sort of my variation of ‘too sexy for my shirt’), I discover those old prejudices creeping up on me when I am unawares. I have to constantly remind myself to be mindful and aware, instead of just a fucking robot.

My point? you say? I’m not the only bozo on this bus. We all need each other’s help in getting past our prejudices and being mindful. That would be the central focus of this idea of a new magazine. Mindful Sexuality Mindful Politics Mindful Art. What do you think? I’d love some feedback on this. I keep bringing up mindfulness because, for me, Buddhism, especially Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, stress mindfulness, and by that they mean Naked, naked right on down to the very ground of being. Mindfulness means brutal, but also tender, loving honesty in all things. But mindfulness also means Play. It means not taking it all that seriously, because at the ground of being everything is profoundly ok. It has already worked out. Everything is fine. But that is at the ground of being, ok? very far from the chaos of our minds. But if the first magazine was Playboy, why not name this one simply Play. Play in all things, political, artistic, and sexual. Sounds like fun to me.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting a Buddhist magazine, although it could certainly touch on that, as well as other mindful religions, psychologies, and philosophies. Mindfulness isn’t about Buddhism, it isn’t “about” anything, that’s the point.

I think there a lot of people going off in all sorts of directions right now, but the connecting thread is Freedom. There isn’t enough of it. and Bravery. That is something all of us are going to need to cultivate. and Love. as the Beatles said……..

That magazine might be a place where my erstwhile novel (yes, it exists!) might find a home. In any case, I think it is a good idea. There are a lot of magazines that touch on different aspects of what I am choosing to call Revolution #9, but I don’t know of one that brings it all together. What an exciting project!