Leave it to me to discover that ‘About’ only had some lame stuff about wordpress, until I had posted over one hundred posts. Maybe people thought it was a Zen kind of thing. About the About, or the About is actually about WordPress. I hate writing about myself, although my blog is full of it, and apparently so am I.

I exist. I am real. My back hurts. I eat when I’m not hungry, and I am easily bored. I am bored at this very moment typing this tedious About thing. What do you want to know? I am so cool. You would like me if you knew me. I am insanely ugly, which of course means I am attractive. I love to write the wrongs of the world with my wonderful wit. Wot? You disagree? Tee Hee (Ok that’s enough!) If you must know, I am an old fart from the Midwest who one day decided to move to San Francisco, and have been here ever since. To clarify, I was not an old fart when I was in the Midwest. That would have been my young whippersnapper phase. I try to be funny, which is the problem. However I feel I have a few, perhaps more than a few things to say. I am all over the map, as they say (and I do wish they would just butt out!). I post anything that strikes my fancy, and I am not gay (sorry if that disappoints), just all this talk of striking fancies, and ‘I do wish’, I am either gay or English, what? Exactly. But that is precisely not what I am trying to say.


Anyhow, I am unemployed (no surprise there), and have had a history of making money for doing things, as have we all. Bookstores were my main stay for many years. Before that I was a microphone stand adjuster, sidewalk walker for far too many years, and salad bar malingerer, lead monkey’s assistant,  door to door bore, and professor emeritus of data entry. I have studied web design of late. If it had been of early I would be making my living at it. I watched far too much Steve Allen when I was a child and it scarred me for life. What more can I say? This blog may interest you, it may not. I write it for myself. I kid you not! I am embarrassed to admit that I actually sit and read my own blog. I am such a narcissist! Perhaps you didn’t need to know that, have I said too much? Have you formed some sort of horrid judgement about me now? Does this mean you will click away and leave me in a cybernetic hell?

Of course not. I know I’m good.

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  1. Thanks for coming back by and giving me some encouragement. I do read your work and am often at a loss for what to say … especially some of the more emotionally hard-hitting pieces. Other times, your humor and take on things can be so similar to my own that again I am not sure what I can add to the conversation.

    • Thank you transparentguy! That is really all you need to say. This is why I write. I love knowing that I speak for a lot of other people when I put something out there. My muse is Margaret Cho, her blog is wonderful and is also emotionally hard hitting. Her humor and mine are virtually identical. I would like to think that in some respects I am your Margaret Cho.

  2. I like the way you write. Have no worries, Im also a girl who reads her own blog from time to time! 🙂 Feel free to visit my blog too… I will keep coming back for more tats for sure! 😀

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