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Karma is a dung beetle which collects

all the dung that accumulates over the course of a life

rolling it into a ball

and dropping it into the solar furnace

of divine forgetfulness

Karma picks and pecks and leaves you sore

never leaving you in peace

until all your guilty pleasures are released into the fire

Karma hangs like a weight

above your head and shoulders

ready to crush your cocky brilliance

unexpectedly one day one moment

as you are sitting down to eat

Karma is the dung that gathers from all our efforts

shadow traces left in crevices

but eventually brought to light

Karma is the inevitable activation of our own device

keeping track of every thought and movement

within each wild and crazy night

Accountability is never celebrated

by those held to account

Other people’s karma however

is often talked about

and shared with a shameful delight

I need a place


I need a place

outside of the laws of time and space

where I don’t have to do anything

Don’t have to go to work

I need a place

Where I can kick back

and think it all through

where I can savor all that passes through my life

spend a few moments

of bliss

But the world has no patience

I have to pay attention

and stay engaged

In my imagination I retreat

to this place

where I can build a better world

and put together my own private museum

a dark dank ancient portal much maligned


a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

draws me near

i approach with some trepidation

for this is both sacred and profane

this opening into the unspoken words

the unwritten unacknowledged truth

woman lies upon the earth askew

arms akimbo and legs raised high

ready to receive the sacrament

and given centuries of abuse

until she lies here broken and ruined

her temple crumbling

her thoughts seem distant and confused

a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

must be redeemed

we must set forth into this blood stained sea

and restore it’s dignity and purity

for this is our source

this is our home



I can’t attend to all the life that surges ahead

All the desperation and everything that is said

It’s TOO MUCH for one little fellow to deal

I want to

I’d love to jump into the fire

And ride that wind

But I’m just one man

The world is moving at a dizzying speed

Toward the middle of the middle of the furthest extreme

I can feel it

I can see it

In between the sentences lies a seed

I work through my own little piece

In my own awkward fashion

While the universe goes crazy in some kind of topsy-turvy upside down reverse-action

it’s TOO MUCH for anyone to handle


Can you see me?


Can you see me?


under the covers

Do I have to get up again?

and go through it all



Can you see me struggling?

As I ride the bus?

Can you see me motionless?

As I wait

Can you find me in the bustling crowd?

Does my face stand out?

Or I am lost out loud?

Are we even looking for each other?

How many people do we miss?

a tiny little man


i feel like a tiny little man

of very little consequence

leading a tiny little life

hardly noticeable

among so many other tiny lives

rushing about

without consequence

avoiding each other’s glances

lest they see how small we really are

and how much we hurt

i know i should try to grow a little

cheer up and look forward to my day

but i feel so itsy bitsy

my good intentions fade away

The Face of God


The face of God

May scare you

It may not be what you expect

It could contain everything you have ever seen

Or it may be a white screen

Every awkward pause

Each dumb remark

Stands naked before this face of God

No smile no wise wrinkles

A monster after all

Or could the face of God be a mirror?

Giving us back what we have given

Warts and all

Could you stand to look upon this face?

Would you be worried?

Filled with shame?

Waiting for that first word?

The Face of God may never be seen

Only imagined in our dreams

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t there

A reflection of our fondest hopes

and fears