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No regrets


I know you get tired of my requests

I should know by now that I’m a pest

I should leave you alone

And never pick up the phone

No regrets

We started out fine without stress

Enjoyed each other’s observations

Engaging in all the proper conversations

And yet

I’m not going to say that I’m glad

Watching our love just fade away

Without fanfare

No regrets

It’s a shame but it’s just the same

as before

and will probably be this way again

So no regrets

No tears

No long stupid conversations

Just walk away

No regrets

Hey Hey Hey Hey


Hey Hey Hey Hey

Whoa Oh

Ain’t gonna worry today

Oh no

I got too much to smile about

I see you out there in your shorty short shorts

And I just got to work up the nerve to say

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Whoa Oh

I think you just made my day


Hey Hey Hey Hey

The world is shining oh so bright

Makes me want to jump up high with delight

Whatever was wrong

Feels right

I ain’t gonna worry

Hey hey


I wish I could describe this light

If only I could swallow it

I wish that I could bottle it

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Whoa Oh

Here comes the end of this poem

But I could just

keep going

I feel so good

Ain’t gonna worry

Ain’t gonna worry

Ain’t gonna worry

My self


Reminded by the Moon


I grow tired

I walk a little slower my hand against my chest

I glance up

Reminded by the Moon

Too soon too soon

There is much to do before I die

Too soon

When I sit at home bored and listless

Feeling the love escaping from my bones


I notice through the window an orb

Reminded by the Moon

I feel a tiny flash of light within my weary heart

There is something more than this

Something I don’t want to miss

The Moon silently

Tells me all about it

I seek out those distant places where…


I seek out those distant places where the air feels differently against my skin

I thought I might have seen you there

Lying naked in the sand grinning from ear to ear

Perhaps it was someone very like you

Speaking a different language

Wearing sandals instead of sensible shoes

I seek out those elegant faces with expressions that defy explanation

I imagine their thoughts hold a beauty unfamiliar

They smell of honey and ginger

I seek out the far corners where the dust settles

covering the discarded pamphlets

given out by a silly devil

I could walk through this strange but lovely land

searching for something wonderful

or weird and oddly disconcerting

I could search forever

Lose my direction and my sense

Yet someplace far away

 Is where I long to be

but I discovered one day that no matter how far away I go

I always end up here

I need a place


I need a place

outside of the laws of time and space

where I don’t have to do anything

Don’t have to go to work

I need a place

Where I can kick back

and think it all through

where I can savor all that passes through my life

spend a few moments

of bliss

But the world has no patience

I have to pay attention

and stay engaged

In my imagination I retreat

to this place

where I can build a better world

and put together my own private museum

a dark dank ancient portal much maligned


a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

draws me near

i approach with some trepidation

for this is both sacred and profane

this opening into the unspoken words

the unwritten unacknowledged truth

woman lies upon the earth askew

arms akimbo and legs raised high

ready to receive the sacrament

and given centuries of abuse

until she lies here broken and ruined

her temple crumbling

her thoughts seem distant and confused

a dark dank ancient portal much maligned

must be redeemed

we must set forth into this blood stained sea

and restore it’s dignity and purity

for this is our source

this is our home



I can’t attend to all the life that surges ahead

All the desperation and everything that is said

It’s TOO MUCH for one little fellow to deal

I want to

I’d love to jump into the fire

And ride that wind

But I’m just one man

The world is moving at a dizzying speed

Toward the middle of the middle of the furthest extreme

I can feel it

I can see it

In between the sentences lies a seed

I work through my own little piece

In my own awkward fashion

While the universe goes crazy in some kind of topsy-turvy upside down reverse-action

it’s TOO MUCH for anyone to handle


I’m a bright and shining star


I’m a bright and shining star

but my body’s crapping out

I have no doubt

I have no fear

I am this fantastic thing

Beyond compare

but my body’s crapping out

it doesn’t want to go out


but the pain is so great

it can’t keep from sighing

While I point the way to paradise

my body looks at me as if to say

are you kidding me?

can’t you see I’m crapping out

i can’t walk anymore

i can’t see

I’m a bright and shining star

but my body is crapping out

Can you see me?


Can you see me?


under the covers

Do I have to get up again?

and go through it all



Can you see me struggling?

As I ride the bus?

Can you see me motionless?

As I wait

Can you find me in the bustling crowd?

Does my face stand out?

Or I am lost out loud?

Are we even looking for each other?

How many people do we miss?

a tiny little man


i feel like a tiny little man

of very little consequence

leading a tiny little life

hardly noticeable

among so many other tiny lives

rushing about

without consequence

avoiding each other’s glances

lest they see how small we really are

and how much we hurt

i know i should try to grow a little

cheer up and look forward to my day

but i feel so itsy bitsy

my good intentions fade away