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Chaos reigns


Things just build up

Thought by grisly thought

Till it bursts forth and many people die

I don’t know how to deal with this thing

Chaos reigns within the heart of things

Sheer terror in the night

I feel it on the bus every day

I see it in the faces of the crazy motherfuckers

Who rule the streets of hell

I have told myself to just ignore it

Otherwise it could drive you mad

But Chaos is real

Dark Knight, Dark Night

Life and art implode

And real flesh and blood appears

Real death stands stark and naked on the page

Chaos reigns

Don’t know what else to say

How to prevent it? You tell me.

But perhaps we could stop courting our worse tendencies

And try to love those lost souls who hate us

Good advice, but good luck with that one

Red Roses by the Highway


Drizzle on my glasses

as I try to concentrate

Skies as dangerous as a brand new gun

I swerve to miss the fool beside me

Red Roses by the Highway

Another body returns to dust

Black helicopters circle like crows

Angry faces in the parking lot

I see the suspects shot

Revenge isn’t much

But it’s all they’ve got

As the red roses by the highway

begin to rot

The King Of The Hip Hop Nation (Lyrics for a song yet to be completed)


You better hop on this train

Before it leaves the station

And ride with the King of the Hip Hop Nation

I’ve had enough

of all your self-serving lies

you won’t get my vote

I’m gonna give you a surprise

I’m gonna shove my dick in your mouth

and fuck you silly

’cause you deserve it you know

you motherfucking whore

I’m fed up

with what’s goin’ down

with what’s goin’ round

it’s all sick

it don’t make no sense

so y’all better catch this train

before it leaves the station

and ride with the King of the Hip Hop Nation

that’s right

ain’t gonna sell you no crap

I’ll stick it straight in the ass

of the Department of Hate

Cause theys vile y’all

they done us wrong

and sold us out

for a song

it ain’t right

i gotta shout it out now

and ride through the night

Like Paul Revere

I know the revolution’s near

Damn straight

Get on this train

you wanna be riding with the King

Not Elvis y’all

I’m talking about the King of the Hip Hop Nation

Go on now bitches

Tell your friends and relations

Tell them you’re riding with the King of the Hip Hop Nation

Damn straight

Keep it real, y’all

end of the song, y’all

The Fate of The Republic on this fourth of july


Here are some quick reflections on this fourth of July morning.

We are in trouble folks!!! When I read the paper (big mistake), I see the seeds of global decay, social disruption, and future despair dwarfing the present misery. Everyone who has plenty are merrily watching Big Bang Theory and working at their half-way decent job with a half-way decent wage and dreaming of their next vacation, while those who don’t have much continue to struggle. The options for the destitute are few and government is going to provide less and less. This is a recipe for riot and mayhem. When you examine history you can see where all of this leads. Our Republic is split, pretty much evenly, between the rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, the smug and the desperate. As happened in France in 1789, the poor and destitute will not sit idly by watching the rich cavort and flaunt their wealth in their faces. We have an obligation to bring this republic back into balance, but I fear that we have already passed from republic to oligarchy (rule by the rich). Only the rich, such as Mitt Romney, can afford to become President. The rich pull all the strings and continue to feel free to screw the rest of us over at their convenience. It is not a pretty picture. Our republic is in danger of collapse. It isn’t apparent yet, but give it a few years. Twenty years from now will either show that we got our collective act together or we will be actively fighting one another.

China is quietly waiting in the wings. China is preparing for the collapse of the West. They are teaching English to those who will become our future leaders. Could we suffer such a takeover? Quite possibly, we might invite the Chinese in. Chinese style Communism would have a strong appeal to those who have nothing, can expect nothing, and are tired of being the victims of an oligarchy. I am not a Communist or a Socialist, but I can understand the appeal. When you have nothing to eat, nowhere to live, Communism looks like the answer to your problems. We have far too many people on the streets.

Some radical changes are needed and I don’t see anybody stepping up to the plate. There are significant differences between Obama and Romney, but in the final analysis they miss the mark when it comes to having the guts to say that we have to stop being complacent and give up our creature comforts and life of privilege and take responsibility for this republic.

So I don’t feel terribly patriotic on this fourth of July. I don’t feel proud of how we celebrate celebrity, wealth, and treat all of the old liberal ideals with disdain. Our present culture is a culture of death. We are unconsciously embracing disaster, it gives us a sick thrill. We figure we have it coming, others are foolishly looking forward to the apocalypse, thinking they will be taken up into the clouds in a supernatural rapture. This is madness.

However, we have faced disaster before in our history, and we managed to avoid it. Perhaps we can again. There is reason to hope. There are many brilliant people out there. They are building a new paradigm, a new world which will take out the corrupt present paradigm by stealth. There is far too much going on in the world for anyone, myself included, to be able to keep track of. The newspapers have a disaster agenda, fear sells, and so they peddle dread. So I should take that fact into consideration. Much is happening behind the scenes, and the powerful may not be as powerful as they imagine. I sense big changes in the next few decades, both good and bad. I know that within each negative lies a positive and vice versa. It is up to us to provide the tipping point towards disaster or renewal.

My last thoughts? At some point in our own lives and in the life of the republic, something has got to give. Nothing just stays fucked forever. Things change.

What Now?


Everything is turning in a counterclockwise motion

Tearing me apart at the seams

I need so much to get it together and recapture my dreams

But these things escape me in the vicious undertow

What now? Where may I turn?

Is there a way to rectify this thing

Beyond the tipping point?

I feel confused and nothing seems right

What now? More deadly news?

More shattered dreams?

I can’t read any more of this useless crap

It doesn’t do a thing to get us out of this trap

What Now? Please tell me.

We all need to know what now

But all we hear is sorely lacking

May Day Democrazy


I like the posters. And if I were twenty years old I would probably like the ideology. But it’s not what it appears to be. The Occupy movement and it’s union allies are not the wave of the future. They are a rotten remnant of a past that failed. Don’t get sucked in, my friends, because this is not the kind of revolution we need. It is up to us, the true ninety-nine percent, not the ten or twenty percent holding the signs, that have it within our power to set things right, and initiate a true revolution. A revolution that does not involve violence. A revolution that empowers instead of courting confrontation. The black bloc portion of the Occupy non=movement is nothing more than a bunch of storm troopers disguised as anarchists. They are the present day version of Robespierre’s bloodthirsty followers in the French revolution of 1789. These goons are not interested in our freedom, only their own. If you oppose their tactics, they will roughly push you aside, and ultimately they will be more than glad to march you to their makeshift guillotine. Don’t believe a single word these black bloc morons have to say. They are not on the side of the ninety=nine percent, they are not on the side of the unions, the honest hard working men and women, or the unemployed. They have no allies. They fight for the sake of fighting, for the thrill of mayhem, and the tremendous rush they get from confronting the police. They have poisoned the Occupy non-movement.

Don’t get me wrong. I am in agreement with those who oppose the oligarchs. The oligarchs being the super rich goons who essentially control virtually all of the wealth in this country, and indeed, most of the world as well. I wish I could support this non-movement, but I can see how it has been usurped by those with their own insidious agenda. Capitalism is not the enemy. Socialism is not the enemy. We need both. The abuse of capitalism and socialism is the enemy. Capitalism is no longer working when a tiny minority hold almost all the wealth. That is not the sign of a free market. That is the sign of a rigged market. Socialism provides a foundation of basic human needs from which you can begin to truly participate in the free market economy. When you have a country in which people cannot feed, clothe, or provide shelter for themselves it is a failed state as far I am concerned. Once basic needs are covered, which includes basic health care, then people can be free to thrive, to be productive citizens, and consumers. The free market could provide this but it doesn’t, and so the government should step in to fill that vacuum. If businessmen don’t like that, they need to find a better way, So far their ideas haven’t been enough. But the Occupy non-movement would tear everything down and leave us all in tents, playing hackeysack, and examining each other’s auras for a clue about what to do next, I once was like them, and wondered why we couldn’t just do away with government and business and just live off the land in a kind of hippie paradise. What actually happens is that you end up with some real power hungry boneheads taking control of things for everyone else’s good, and terrorizing anyone who opposes them. So-called anarchy always degenerates into dictatorship. This happened with both the French and Russian revolutions. So this whole thing about not working, not shopping, not going to school, etc. just sucks. Why does it suck? Because I spent plenty of time doing exactly that against my will while I was unemployed and before I was in school. All you do is sit and seethe in your hatred of those who have it better than you. You imagine that there is some kind of conspiracy against you. You’re useless. You don’t contribute a damn thing to anybody. I prefer to find a way to empower my fellow human beings. They plan on shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow, and I will be royally pissed if they vandalize the bridge. They have succeeding in alienating the very people they seek to recruit. Because they are unbelievably stupid. Most ideologues are. They are the ones with the loudest voices, and I admit it, some of the coolest propaganda, but they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack. Try having a conversation with one of these people. It is like having a conversation with a rabid, incessantly barking dog. You get nowhere. When I was young I was a protester. I protested to end the war in Vietnam. At first, I thought this non=movement going on today was pretty cool, but not any longer. Now I think they are distracting us from the work we really should be doing. Instead of resorting to the same old bullshit that was tried by the French and the Russians, let’s find a new and better way forward. Terrorism does not work in the long term. It turns the people against you, and even if you should manage to get your hands on the levers of power, the people will find a way to bring you down ultimately. I am suspicious of any group that claims to speak for all of us regular people. They don’t speak for me, I didn’t elect them. I think the tactics of the Occupy non-movement are going to hurt the people they most need to have on their side. People need to work, they need to get educated. They don’t want to squat in your tent and play a drum and chant. They don’t want to repeat every mindless monologue every random ideologue comes up with. This is not democracy, it is democrazy. It is rule by the rude and crude, in which the loudest jackass wins. So I would encourage you to spend May Day shopping, going to work as usual, and finding ways to empower, enlighten, and contribute to your fellow humans. Don’t be the lead weight that drags all the rest of us down. I am not an ally of the rich plutocrats like Donald Trump or Mitt Romney for that matter. But what this misguided non-movement is doing is pushing the average American straight into the arms of the Republicans. Anger at left wing boneheadedness might just get Mitt Romney elected. Somehow, I am not certain how, this leaderless movement got some really crappy leadership, and they are driving this movement into the ground. Don’t play along! These are not our friends! The black bloc portion of this group should be opposed in every way possible before they succeed in sabotaging the few good aims this so-called leaderless movement has. It just makes me mad!! So you find yourself leading a clueless life without meaning or purpose? Does this mean I should allow you to bust up my home, or place of business, or ruin my day because you are a hopeless fuck-up? I think not. I agree with some of what has been said by this non-movement, but it has been hijacked, and the right people need to take that non-movement back and transform it into something the average American can heartily support. There has to be a better way for us to take back America! But like I said at the outset, they do have some pretty cool posters.

It is so easy to be idealistic

Swing your partner dosey doe

Shout at the devil

Let the blood flow!

Revolution can be easy if we all just join our hands

If you give up all your hopes and dreams

and surrender to our plan

For we are the people, and you are not

We call the shots, we write the plot,

We are the ninety nine percent

You are just a dot

We speak for all and for all we will kill

Ain’t no big deal

If a few things get broken

This is our revolution, like it or not.



What do you do when a young boy dies because he is wearing a hoodie? Have we become so paranoid, so filled with fear that we strike out blindly? The news is telling us relentlessly, Yes! Absolutely! It doesn’t matter. Nothing does. Why not murder? Of what worth am I? Or you? These are the kinds of questions that possess the people who kill for no real reason except that they can. It is right that there is outrage over the death of Treyvon Martin. In the face of the kind of unreasoning fear which filled George Zimmerman’s mind that night, Treyvon didn’t have a chance. There is a general coarsening, a cheapening of life nowadays. I see it every day out on the streets. Everyone is afraid of strangers, and ready to strike out against imaginary threats. I am not sure how to deal with this problem. I tend to curl up in my internet cocoon and ignore the death outside my door. Just like everybody else.

But we need to care about this, because it is only going to get worse. Why does everything just turn to crap in spite of our best efforts and intentions? I believe scientists call this entropy. Christians call it sin. For most people it is just how things are, the inevitable disappointment of everyday existence. It dulls the senses and robs us of our emotions. I was reminded of this when I watched the news report about several people discovered dead right across the street from the community college where I had taken classes recently. A neighbor says: “it’s really crazy!” and kind of chuckles to himself. What does this guy think? That it was a little show put on for his entertainment? Wow man! People dead. It’s crazy! no man, it is real life, wake up from your slumber, moron. But I shouldn’t be so harsh on him, he didn’t know what to say to the reporter when a microphone was shoved in his face.

But all of this is illusory. This attitude which turns everything to crap is a sickness. I believe the mass media encourages it. Reality is treated as though it is unreal. Everything is ironic. Listen to how people talk. Every experience is ‘like’ something, instead of being that experience. So what are you saying? That you are checked out somewhere and dumbly and numbly watching all this stuff happen around you as if it were on a tv screen and like something real but not really. Are you that schizophrenic? Do we live in a schizophrenic society that refuses to take ownership of it’s own experience? Such a person can commit murder because it isn’t actually murder, it is ‘like’ murder. When I hear teenagers talking that way it makes my skin crawl. Whoever thought that was cool? I guess the idea is to be totally not present, unreal. Then all of the pain of life cannot reach you.

I find the recent news reports very disturbing. The soldier who killed all those civilians. Why not? What difference could it possibly make? Whatever…..That is another expression which is unexamined for what it represents. It means nothing matters. It means that one thing is as good as another to someone who is as good as dead already. It destroys all experience and turns everything to crap. Youth is poisoned by it. I can remember the unspoken code of coolness. Don’t ever let yourself be thrilled by life, taken away by it’s beauty and promise. Be cool. Yeah,  a corpse is pretty cool I guess. Just when you are best equipped to live life to it’s fullest, you are encouraged to sabotage it. You are encouraged to treat life as something to endure. Anyone who shows enthusiasm or makes good grades and genuinely enjoys learning is rejected. He or she just doesn’t get it. What is there to get? That life sucks, of course. That nothing actually matters, everything turns to crap and who the fuck cares anyway. This is the credo of the killer. This is the underlying disease which plagues not only the young but all ages. You can see this kind of uselessness in the trailer parks, breeding monsters. You can see it in the wealthy who don’t have a clue about how to use their wealth except to squander it. So many people despise life and themselves, and I don’t think popular culture is giving them much reason to feel otherwise.

There is a need to look inside our own experience and discover how we really feel inside. It is very different from the way we have unwittingly been taught to feel and think by our culture. Our culture is fucked, except I don’t like to put it that way. Fuck is beautiful and sacred, and our sick culture has transformed it into the opposite, as a weapon to destroy anything good and worthwhile. Don’t let that twisted philosophy dictate how you speak. If we can look to ourselves and be true to that, we discover something very different. We all want love, as uncool as that is. And we want acceptance for who we are, whatever that is, without judgement. We are all victims although we haven’t been murdered yet. We are victims of our callous uncaring attitudes which worship ironic hipness at the expense of our ability to even experience life. The best we can hope for is to have something ‘like’ life.

I wanted this post to be about more than just the usual outrage over these senseless murders. Rather than finding someone to blame, let’s blame us all. For the malaise that breeds these outrages is endemic to our entire culture, worldwide. The solution lies within ourselves and our courage to truly be ourselves regardless of it’s cultural implications.



The furies cry "Murder!"



















There is no act no thought no cursed moment of unbridled rage

Which escapes their attention

They watch as you flee in terror from the helpless knowledge

Of what you have done


Nameless in some filthy quarter for no purpose

‘cept to quench your thirst your hunger for revenge

Murdered in their sleep then burned

Twisting apart the shape of things

Such arrogance has it’s consequences

A brutal justice lies in store for the remorseless stone cold killer

The Furies demand it and the Moon and Stars agree

Justice there shall be!!!

For the butchered innocents in Afghanistan and Syria

And the streets of Chicago, Oakland, and Detroit

Foul! scream the Furies  May you cry out for mercy and find none!

For Murder, in a fleeting moment of crazy glory

Leaves it’s stain upon us all

The Painting is Murder by Franz von Stuck


Emperor Putin


All hail Emperor Putin!

Vladimir Putin isn’t sure he wants to be President for eight more years, bless his little heart. After ignoring the wishes of the Russian people, he still expects to rule with impunity for as long as he likes. This is narcissism and arrogance rivaling Napoleon. I would hope that the protests continue apace, and grow in size until Putin is forced to seek exile on some remote island like Napoleon. All hail Emperor Putin! But not for long! I would like to see an end to the reign of the rich and arrogant, not only in Russia but in the United States as well. You have to have millions upon millions of dollars at your disposal to successfully run for President. Only the corporations can provide this. So far, grass roots organizations cannot compete, as the Ron Paul candidacy demonstrates. It’s sad, but true. I had hoped that Kasparov would be able to have an impact in Russia, but he didn’t even bother to run for President. He knew the cards were stacked against anyone opposing Putin. I believe the tide is turning for people such as Putin, but it may prove to be a bloody tide!