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No regrets


I know you get tired of my requests

I should know by now that I’m a pest

I should leave you alone

And never pick up the phone

No regrets

We started out fine without stress

Enjoyed each other’s observations

Engaging in all the proper conversations

And yet

I’m not going to say that I’m glad

Watching our love just fade away

Without fanfare

No regrets

It’s a shame but it’s just the same

as before

and will probably be this way again

So no regrets

No tears

No long stupid conversations

Just walk away

No regrets

I Can’t Wait


There may come a time when

we can love one another without fear

reveal ourselves in naked glory

and accept our differences good and bad

I can’t wait

It is a long long road to where we need to be

But some of us are walking already

It is so easy to despair

So easy not to care

To get angry and explode

I know. I know, we all seek to represent

But we need love

Now more than ever

I can’t wait

It is going to be so lovely

We can’t stop now

Keep on walking toward what we know is true

I can’t wait

It’s a brand new day today


It’s a brand new day today

The sun is shining brightly

I can breath today

I can hold my cat on my lap

As Billie Holliday sings

Tapping at my computer

Happy once again

Can’t account for it

The world is still what it is

Death has been working overtime

And catastrophe just a few steps away

From my door

Still here I sit feeling a deep well of compassion

Beneath the blood-stained Earth

Every day someone falls in love

And new life begins

It’s a brand new day today

Anything can happen

Let’s make it happy

Let’s make it good

Some Quick Poems 7/13/12



holy moly I didn’t see it comin’

stickin’ up outta the ground

got sucker punched as I left the barn

buns in the oven, dogs in the yard

chickens come home to roost

holy moly, I didn’t see it comin’

gotta pull myself up by the roots


Nobody wants to see my penis and balls

This is certainly true

Except maybe you


Hot sugar mama sittin’ in the kitchen

Whatcha’ got cookin’ today?

Cornbread muffins warm from the oven

There ain’t nothin’ left to say


Embrace my fragile body

enjoy my feeble thoughts this morning

This is what remains

Love me, hold me, and open the window

Can you smell the rain?


Just for a lark

I upset the apple cart

and invent a new way to sail

I’ll be really naughty

and say crazy things

just for a lark

each day a new start

as I open up my heart

just for a lark


Sittin’ on the toilet

Thinking about Vladimir Putin

What’s he doin’?

Grunt! I think some more could come out!


The trick you see is to love all you see

Without reservation

or guidance from above

Just love


Sometimes I spend my days in a storm cellar

waiting for the storm to pass over my head

Sometimes I worry as I sit in that cellar

With my bandaids and cans of beans

Will it ever be better? Can I come out of this cellar?

I think I need to pee.

Everybody Needs Someone To Love


You may stumble as you walk

and the wind may whip your face

You can’t think of the right thing to say

and so you remain frozen and gray

Somedays you laugh and think it’s not so bad

other times you cry

One thing is for sure

Everybody needs someone to love

You can try to go it alone

and never answer your phone

Walk around dumbfounded

wishing everything were different

If only you were young, tough, handsome and smart

whatever you do one thing holds true

Everybody needs someone to love

You need someone there

Simple and pure

They don’t need to be just right

you may even fight

But everybody needs someone to love


It’s a Long Long Journey to Your Heart


The daffodils you planted

Still remain

Swaying in the gentle summer breeze

It’s a long, long journey to your heart

I remember how you smiled

And tried to make it all ok

It’s a long, long journey to your heart

I had a dream one time

I had made my way back home

All the windows were broken

The rooms filled with dust

It’s a long, long journey to your heart

We argued, we fought, we had so much to say

So far away, so very far away

If I could have you back

If I could hold you in my arms

I would be young again

I can almost remember your face

It’s a long, long journey to your heart

And time is drawing short

Soon all will be forgotten

The sun is fading

The crows are cawing

It’s a long, long journey to your heart


I Want to Fuck Everybody In the Whole Wide World


I want to fuck everybody in the whole wide world

I don’t care who you are

I’ll fuck you on the beach

I’ll fuck you in your car

I love you, I hate you

I cannot exist without you

I feel so totally alone at times

Am I really here at all?

Let me fuck you, suck you, and be everything you are

Let me find myself in your vagina

Let me lose myself in your cock

I want to take you beyond anything you can imagine

And share all my secret desires

I want to experience it all

Every last spurt

I want to pull your pubic hair from my mouth

With delight

Grovel in the actual, the physical, what you can feel and touch

And eat and think about for centuries

Sex is our blessing from on high

And our gift from the devil in the deep blue sea

Enter my sanctum, accept my warm embrace

Rejoice in our sparkling intelligence

And come in each other’s face

Every moral, scruple, second thought cannot compete

When that deliciously delirious tempest blows

Tell me that I’m wrong, tell me I’m insane

So long as I can fuck your brain

Let’s fuck

It’s what we need

I’ll fuck a woman. I’ll fuck a man

And everything between

I want no limitations to my joyful lust

I want to burst my seams

and be more than just myself

I want my seed to fill the universe

I want to be you

I want you to be me

We can fuck each other without restraint

devour each other, become each other

There is no other

I honor you, I respect you

I love you and more

I want to fuck everybody in the whole wide world